Content Promotion- Not Where, But How To Promote Your Blog Posts

Content Promotion- Not Where, But How To Promote Your Blog Posts

Photo courtesy of Tambako the Jaguar(CC No Derivatives) If you are like many others, you find it frustrating when you take a beautiful piece of content and publish it, only to see days later that three people have visited. How disheartening! After all, you pay a decent blog writer $100 or more to write about a topic at the center of your company’s purpose. Since about two years ago I […]

Inbound Marketing vs Content Marketing vs Content Promotion- What’s The Difference?

Inbound Marketing vs Content Marketing vs Content Promotion- What’s The Difference?

As I’ve been researching for a new ebook I am writing I come across these terms and I just know they are a bit confusing. What is inbound marketing, what is content marketing, how is content marketing different from content distribution? Which of them do I need? The questions could go on and on.. This post will focus on the differences, so you can appropriately find the answers you are […]

9 Reasons I’m Going to Social Media Success Summit and You Should Too!

In October Social Media Examiner will again be holding their annual Social Media Success Summit. It is a fully ONLINE event that features 45 of the most notable experts in social media, and I can’t wait to go. I attended last year and loved it for these reasons: Tons of talks (webinars) about topics I cared about: Facebook Twitter Youtube Blogging Google+ Video Linkedin Pinterest Relationships Strategy Crisis Management Customer […]

My 40 Point Blogging Checklist Every Blogger Needs to Read

Writing a blog post seems easy enough. Login to your admin area, ‘add article or post’ and start typing. There isn’t much to it, or…. is there? I have to say I’ve been writing blog posts for clients for about 10 years. Over the years a lot of things have changed, but along the way, I’ve always used a checklist for my client posts. I thought it would be beneficial […]

A Successful Fanpage Contest Begins with the Right Applications

It continues to amaze me, the fanpage owners that run contests on Facebook without following the rules. Thousands never take the time to read the terms of use for using Facebook and are at risk of losing their fanpage every time they run a promotion, without a fanpage contest application. Examples of fanpage contests putting small businesses at risk: Like us to enter Send in a photo to enter Share […]

Not Active on Stumbleupon?- Don’t Bother Submitting Links!

Stumbleupon provides a lot of traffic to this website. When I put up a new blog post, it is one of the first places I submit a post. In the past it’s helped get my posts indexed quickly, but in addition it helps bring in some initial traffic, even if only briefly. Given that, a lot of people talk about how useful Stumbleupon is for their website, and then hundreds […]

5 Reasons Your Social Giveaway Will Fail

To get a huge boost in social media followers, you’ve come up with a great giveaway that anyone in your industry would want. People should be knocking down your door to enter the giveaway, but all they have to do is like or follow you, it couldn’t be any simpler, right? You’d like to think so, but it doesn’t always work the way you want. There are many reasons your […]