Inbound Marketing Services

Thank you for visiting my inbound marketing services page. Here are services I provide for inbound marketing needs:

Consulting– I work with agencies and direct customers of Hubspot to analyze their inbound marketing problems, give advice from my experience in the industry and assist with minor tweaks needed for success.

My rates for inbound consulting begin at $150 per hour, which is very low.

This includes an hour of my time to analyze and provide feedback on your concerns. To order an hour of time, please email me.

Strategy– The entire strategy of your inbound marketing program must work together, including all of the integral moving parts.

Your strategy will consist of personas, blogging, keyword research, landing pages, downloads, email campaigns and social media.

This requires several hours of work and a deep understanding of your business, I begin pricing for strategy at $1000 per client, which will include multiple email/landing page campaigns.

Funnel Consulting– A proper funnel is the only way to bring visitors, prospects and lead full circle to close a deal.

Based on personas we can discuss the steps your leads go through to become a sale, the questions they have along the way, as well as their behavior.

In the end we can construct a solid funnel that consistently turns leads into closed sales. Consulting fee- $150 per hour

Persona Development– Speaking to the correct audience puts you on the right path to increasing sales.

Developing your personas is time consuming and should be an in-depth look at your most common customers.

I can do this for you, or help you flesh out your personas. I begin charging at $600 for persona development.

Please email me directly to begin talking about your project and to place an order for consulting or other inbound marketing work.


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