9 Social Media Dashboards To Manage Multiple Social Media Profiles

social media dashboard for multiple accountsA social media dashboard is a program or website that allows you to manage many of your profiles in one place.

For instance, you don’t have to go login to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Feedly, etc. You can make updates, manage notifications, mentions, direct messages, etc.

Social media dashboards make social media managers’ lives easier. If you are looking for Hootsuite alternatives or Buffer competitors, this article will help too. Let’s look at 9 social media dashboards.


Fan Page Robot– is my favorite social media tool as a Buffer alternative. I love its user-friendly interface. They make it extremely fast to navigate. It’s also the easiest social media dashboard I’ve ever used to manage multiple social accounts.

It allows you to auto post to Instagram without a phone, which is a great feature missing from other social media management tools. Other than Instagram, it supports auto posting to all the biggest social media networks and blog platforms: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Shopify, Blogger, Tumblr and your WordPress websites.

As the name suggests, one of its most unique features is that it can automatically create content based on your keywords and run all your fanpages on autopilot. I love infographics and can just find all the good content I need by searching keywords like “social media marketing infographic 2018”.

social media dashboard - Buffer alternative

It’s definitely a big time saver for the web marketers and social media managers. You should also try this software if you want to be a resourceful contributor of content for the social media pages that you’re managing.

Some other features I found helpful for business owners and social media account managers:

  • A template-based campaign builder to create advertising and lead generation popups.
    – It helps you monetize your link posts on social media.
  • Automatically fetch videos from websites and post them to Facebook as native Facebook videos.
    – Native video posts on Facebook gain much more attention and engagement than any other kinds of content.
  • Being able to automatically add watermark to images.
  • Suggest better hashtags to get your posts discovered.


Pinterest Automation– Another dashboard, monitoring, search and reporting tool that includes some unique features.

The topic profiles let you track people and users on social media accounts, including Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, and Blogs, you can compare and combine your posts, and last but not least, there is an option for sentiment trends.

At $9 a month Pinterest Automation did everything I needed to manage multiple Pinterest accounts, and had nice PDF reports as well.


Datorama– If you are on the way to hunt a social media dashboard for large businesses, Datorama is literally an incredible tool that will integrate the marketing channels and map data into an easy to use interface.

You can integrate any data source for enhanced insights and performance measures. The tool can connect data from a number of channels such as social media activities, Facebook ads, Twitter reports, etc.

I like it has a large drag and drop visualization library allows me to easily setup and personalize the dashboards.

a social media dashboard


Market Me Suite– I like this interface, but they have changed the pricing and allowed social profiles for free accounts a few times.

I believe on my last try you could not monitor your fanpage without paying for an account. It is nice for other features, smart inboxes, monitoring keywords, and indicating leads.

manage social profiles


Viralize Posts– This social media dashboard can only help you manage Facebook pages and Twitter accounts right now, but they offer some features that are useful for managers.

The free account is useful to show you how informative the tool can be, but the extended account provides unlimited post history, and hourly statistics.

The more exact your statistics are, the more useful they are to help you make appropriate changes to campaigns. You’ll be able to monitor your accounts, compose messages and schedule out content.

They are working on adding LinkedIn to their tool, and I think they have an interesting future for statistics and reporting. The free account will take up to 5 fanpages, profiles, or Twitter accounts.

Social Media Dashboard


Gremln Social– I wrote about this Hootsuite alternative the other day, prices start at free and goes up for more profiles, users, groups, feeds, etc. I liked Gremln because it is a much brighter interface, and is easier to navigate than Hootsuite.

It gives you advanced searching for monitoring Twitter, and allows you to add Linked Groups. Unfortunately it only works with the Top 3 platforms at this point. They also have goals, reporting, link tracking, translation service and some other features that make the dashboard unique.

I give a full review of this dashboard here.

Hootsuite Alternative review


Sprout Social– This social media tool has a nice interface and many features. My favorite part of this tool is the reporting. They put it altogether for you and all you have to do is have it generate the PDF to send to your client.

Otherwise, they have a monitoring section, a social inbox, a queue system similar to Fan Page Robot, a browser addon, and rss feed reader.

The only issue I found with this reader is the price is a bit restrictive, especially when the alternative is less than $10 a month. With Sprout Social you get 10 accounts for $39 per month.



Sendible– Although I use Fan Page Robot and sometimes a few others listed here, Sendible is probably my second favorite.

They give you a lot of functionality when you are trying to monitor blogs, groups, accounts, crm, email marketing, sms marketing, etc in a social inbox. There is monitoring, searching, posting, scheduling, etc.

It doesn’t work with Fan Page Robot though, so I had to use Feedly still. For those who want an all in one solution, this is very close and starts at $40 for up to 40 services. Keep in mind that every group you add on LinkedIn is a service, every account you add is a service, every blog feed is a service, etc.



Media Funnel– If you’d like to see your previous Google alerts along side your social media management, Media Funnel is a great option.

They feature Netbase integration which is similar to Google alerts. They also send you emails about alerts, which is a nice addition. In addition to Twitter and Facebook, you can use Tumblr and WordPress from the Media Funnel dashboard.



I like using these dashboards and access to the different features I can’t always get to work in Fan Page Robot or Hootsuite. Sometimes a software just doesn’t have everything I need as a social media manager, when that happens I use one of the tools above to get the results I need.

What About You?
Have you used any of these tools? Which do you like best, least? And, how come?


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  1. Has anyone tried Fan Page Robot ? We just started using it as a social media automation tool and love it! It also emails us the good content and allows us to post them from my inbox.

  2. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for much for including MarketMeSuite on your list! We’re so glad you enjoyed it. Just wanted to mention that you are now able to add up to 5 social profiles on a free account of MarketMeSuite.

    Hope you have time to check it out again! Please let us know what you think. We would love your feedback!

    Thanks again, and great article!

    Allison, Community Manager at MarketMeSuite

  3. Managed Network ServicesMarch 29, 2014 at 10:10 am · Reply

    Hi there! I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could get a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having difficulty finding one? Thanks a lot!

  4. . I have read many of these types of posts and yours is the first one I have found that is helpful. The post did not fix my problem but it is encouraging to see someone providing useful answers.

    I am trying to create a hub around the subject of alcoholism and addiction. I need a dashboard that will allow me to share to a variety of social sites (Hootsuite only allows me to go to 7, G+, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.,) but it allows for up to 100 profiles).

    My niche is small. I don’t need G+ Profile A to tell my G+ Profile B how wonderful it is.. I need to reach out across a wide variety of social sharing sites. So I want all the popular big ones and then others like Quora or Instapaper, etc. (It does not have to be those sites specifically, but 7 sites does not allow for the reach I need)

    I have looked at OnlyWire and it seems to have the reach but it does not have the ability to communicate across all those platforms. It just shares material (it looks to me like it is about building links only)..

    What tool can combine the two? What can give me reach like OnlyWire and provide for meaningful communication for all of the different social site accounts.? Is there two tools that I can use in conjunction to accomplish this task.

    I hope you can help me. The addiction niche doesn’t have a lot of people who are active in it in Google circles, neither do other social sites.. If I were to make 5 google accounts saying how wonderful my blog is, the people in the community would know me for a fraud and spammer immediately.

    These are the same tactics used by pump and dump securities salesmen.

    Can you give me any guidance?

    • Hello Mark,
      I’m sorry it has taken me so long to answer. I understand what you are asking for, a place where you can do it all. Unfortunately, Hootsuite is the closest to that possible and that doesn’t help much when you want to incorporate several sites. The problem is, not all social sites allow for their API to be used, so it becomes difficult to get that access.

      OnlyWire, does help you push your links, I believe you can post a regular message without having to post a link as well, but it does not let you know if there are responses, etc.

      I don’t know what you mean about making the multiple profiles on G+, I wouldn’t recommend that anywhere, people can normally see right through that.

      The only solution (which isn’t really a solution) is to set up a routine with bookmarks and to visit each site outside of those available on Hootsuite, as time permits. As far as I know there is no tool that can handle everything you are requesting. I’m sorry.


      • Thanks for trying. I subscribed to Onlywire to post and to HootSuite to monitor accounts.

        I kinda get why some social sites don’t want to share their API, that brings automation and a lot of spam (junk).

        I did find one dashboard that showed promise but I could not get everything to work. Oh, Alternion is its name, sorry. Anyway it has a button for everything but most seem to just be sitting there but won’t connect
        Anyway, if they can make it work it is something you might want to look at. It is probably too advanced for me.

        Thanks for all your hardwork. You really do have the best reviews of these dashboards.

        • I hadn’t heard of Alternion, but I see that it is in beta, so that is probably why you had issues. I would keep checking it out regularly to see if it is ready. I will join and see what I can make of the site. Thanks for pointing it out to me, and thank you for visiting my site.

  5. and none of them have social media analytics, ORM and Dashboard included in free trail version…

    • Hello Syed,
      Unfortunately I do not think they do have those features in the free trial. On Hootsuite you can set up fairly advanced searches for ORM but you are probably looking for something a bit deeper in area. Sprout did have reports at one time but now you have to be a paid member, their reports are beautiful but not much help for ORM.


  6. Hi, Mary. Thanks for the useful list of tools. There is one more social media dashboard you can include it in your above list. I would like to recommend for Send Social Media. With this dashboard anyone can brilliantly manage, monitor, engage and publish on multiple social networks. You can use it as a trial version for 14 days. Hope, you consider and place it in your list.

    • I have used Send Social before and actually thought it was a private labeled copy of Sendible. If it isn’t and you want to give me another shot to try it out I’ll take a look. Let me know 🙂


  7. I’m just starting a small business and it’s overwhelming the number of things you’re supposed to try to keep track of and post to and follow and be a nice person and recommend other people, etc. I appreciate the effort this article took and hope that one of these options ends up making sense for us.

    • I completely understand, Linda. You’ve given me a great idea to write about. If there is anything I can help with, let me know. You can definitely start in one place and add more options as you grow, or have the success to do that. I can help you choose where to get started if you’d like.


  8. If you are looking for social media management, I recommend fanpagerobot.com! It is so easy to use and effective for the business in the long run! They offer a library of suggested posts an you can schedule for months in advance, plus they offer SMS campaigns, emails, free web tools, easy and fast

  9. Hey Mary,

    Great review and thanks for sharing. Interesting to be say the least! What do you think on Sendible now? I seen them going down for awhile and really wonder if they are still worth it.

    Sprout Social is the king and probably will be for a LONG time! Can’t go wrong with that 🙂

    Thanks and see you around ya!

  10. fanpagerobot.com is the best site to mantain your multiple social accounts at one place and create your post with editor and share it immediately on social connected accounts/sites. I love it!

  11. Thanks for sharing. Really helpful on managing your social media accounts. Some are already familiar to me and might need to check out the new ones.

  12. Ideally I would love a program that handles Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and pinterest but my main concern is finding one that handles multiple accounts on Facebook and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg since these aren’t profitable accounts. I was using Hootsuite but now my Facebook accounts won’t log in.

    • Amy have you found anything that works? I am in the exact same position. I work for a property development company and we have several different developments that I manage advertising for. I’d like to be able to use one platform and toggle between different profiles like I can do with pages on Facebook.
      I am looking at Hootsuite.

      Any suggestions?


  13. Hey, Thanks for sharing. I was looking a long time for the right tool and have tried really everything including Buffer, Sendible and SproutSocial. I still haven’t got used to the idea of automated fan page handling. However, I am currently trying fanpagerobot.com

  14. thanks for sharing this list of social media dashboard. This will help a lot people who is searching for this great dashboard.

  15. Thanks for the tools! It’s always helpful to have such tools especially in an agency. Has anyone ever have good experiences with real-time collaboration tools for posts/comments and influencers? I’m trying sproutsocial right now in a free trial. Looking forward to tips 🙂

  16. Hi,

    Thank You for sharing the list of Hootsuite alternatives. It’s indeed a great post and an interesting read. I was researching about Hootsuite alternatives which could be used with low cost and added benefits other than Hootsuite and I came across this compelling post where I found other alternatives like Fan Page Robot.
    If you could provide me more insights on hootsuite alternatives it would be great.

  17. Great list with some great tools!! I have used sendible before. Thanks for that nice article about the best social media automation tools. My favorite social media tool these days is Fan Page Robot. It’s an easy tool to schedule and post automatically to the various social media. Must try it.

  18. I work at a branding agency that manages multiple clients, each with their own set of social media accounts.

    Which app can handle multiple facebooks, instagrams, and twitters?

  19. Love reading your post. When I first started doing social media, I had a hard time managing the accounts that I handle. I’m always on the lookout for tools that can make my job easier, I’ve tried different tools already and I’m thankful I’ve found fanpagerobot which suits my needs.

  20. Thank You for sharing the list of Hootsuite alternatives. I was researching about Hootsuite alternatives which could be used with low cost and added benefits other than Hootsuite.

  21. You should try out Fan Page Robot. The best automation tool I’ve worked with until now. You can share as many as 500 daily posts and connect 200 profiles with just one account and that too at really cheap rates. It has features like Custom FB Branding, Bulk Scheduling, Never-ending feed content and suggestions, and much more.

  22. What is the best Pinterest automation tool?

  23. Great list! I would also recommend Fan Page Robot as a Hootsuite alternative. It is reducing my time for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter management. Give it a look, and if you like it, please thank me later.

  24. Why is the post dated 2017, but the comments are mostly from 2013 and 2014. Was this updated or did you just replace the date to show out of date info?

  25. I’ve been using Pinterest Automation for a while, one of the best automation tool to manage multiple social media accounts.

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