5 Easy Ways to Improve Online Visibility for your Business

increase online visibility

In this article you’ll find out the marketing methods and how much they will cost monthly to improve the online visibility of your business and search engine rankings of your website.

We’ll explain how the tactics benefit your business and what results you can expect and look for. We’ve also included images to make it easier to understand, since we know that you might be busy working on other things to delve into the details of online marketing.

Content Marketing

Cost: $350 / mo

– What is Content Marketing?

In the online marketing world, there is a saying – “Content is king.” That means simply that unique, useful information, presented in an understandable way, is the most attractive, most effective, and most important form of marketing. You can use an auto poster to post content to save time and money, or distribute original content on popular blog platforms like Blogger and Medium.com.

– Why does Content Marketing help your Business?

  • Content attracts Google and other search engines to your website. With every new original, content-rich article, the likelihood that Google deems your site important and increases its “rankings” increases.
  • Content adds “meat” to your online marketing Textual content provides a stability and seriousness to your marketing efforts that other forms of marketing can’t. Regular updates of content-rich articles provide a long-term anchor for potential clients and customers to latch on to and follow.
  • Content shows that you’re serious.
    Detailed, in-depth articles that people can read at their own pace are much more likely to attract potential clients and customers than a video or social media campaign that is badly-made or all over the place. Not only do written articles allow Google to find you better, they also let the reader take in the information without the set pace or sounds of a video.

Example of a New Content Platforms
content marketing

– Expected outcome

Below we describe typical results of our content marketing service:

  1. A stable foundation for search engines like Google to find and give your web pages a higher rank in their results list. With good content marketing, there will be many high-quality articles on your website for Google to document and show in its search results whenever someone searches for related keywords.
  2. We will target your keywords and expect keyword rankings to increase.

Press Room Marketing

Cost: $395 / mo

– What is Press Room Marketing?

Build virtual “press rooms” and publish interesting, engaging press releases.

– How do Press Rooms help your Business?

  • All the information a journalist needs about your business
    Our press rooms hold articles, press releases, logos and product images. Your press room is the window to your business for journalists who can access it from
    any computer, tablet, or mobile phone.
  • Up-to-date information about your business
    Any press release without an up-to-date press room will receive little interest from journalists. Journalists need context – one press release won’t cut it. In your press
    room, they’ll be able to find out the history of your company through previous press releases and articles. This is the best way to build a buzz around any brand.
  • All information in just one overview
    Your press room is optimized for social media and search engines. This makes it easy for both humans and automated programs, like the Google search algorithm, to find out about your company.

Example of Press Rooms
press room example

– Expected outcome

  1. Better communication with interested people – journalists and potential clients, customers alike because of the concentration of information about your company
    in one location.
  2. Improved social media and search engine rankings by optimizing your press room and its contents for sharing and cataloging online.

Social Media Marketing

Cost: $250 / mo

– What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ are massively important nowadays for the sharing and dissemination of information.

It’s just that you don’t have any time to spend sitting on Facebook and Instagram, posting updates and having conversations about your business. We create general accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook to build a community and share interesting content and links to your website.

– Why does Social Marketing help your Business?

  • Social Signals help your site rank better in search engines
    Signals from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are major factors in determining the ranking of a website on various search engines. One popular and
    widely-shared Facebook post or Twitter tweet can catapult your website’s popularity much higher than with traditional online marketing means.
  • Engage with potential customers
    Social media platforms provide an opportunity to engage with your clients and customers, if you so wish, to receive useful information from your new followers in a fast and easy way – not to mention reach them with new offers of your products or services.

Example of a Social Media PresentFacebook account example

– Expected outcome

  1. Increased visibility and presence on social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+
  2. Higher rankings and better positions in search engine results, as your social media accounts become more active and gain more followers.

Forum Marketing

Cost: $250 / mo

– What is Forum Marketing?

Forum marketing is the process of building your brand’s reputation on internet forums, which are used by millions of people around the world every day. These forums are where discussions take place and word-of-mouth advertising works its magic, with products and services recommended by members to other members who know and trust them.

We create accounts on these forums, write high-quality, interesting posts, engage the community, build reputation, and steer forum members towards your site.

– Why does Forum Marketing help your Company?

Forum marketing is a unique and effective way to get in touch with potential clients. It adds a human touch by creating a channel of direct communication and discussion with prospective clients and customers. Posts addressed to forum members, can and do take the form of back-and-forth personal discussions.

Because of this kind of more direct contact, the reputation of your account grows and other forum members – potential prospects – are more receptive to suggestions where your company or brand plays a role.

Example of a niche forum postforum marketing post example

Local Marketing

Cost: $250 / mo

– What is Local Marketing?

Local marketing is a strong branch of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that boosts the amount of local traffic your website receives. We take your business details and cite it on relevant online directories. A complete profile accompanies these citations filled with information about your services, business hours, and contact info.

– How does Local Marketing help your Business?

  • Local marketing helps people find your business online.
    As your business is listed on relevant sites, the major search engines will begin receiving strong local signals. With each new citation, your site’s rankings will begin to increase. This will allow your site to reach more people that fall into your local demographic.
  • Maintain control of your brand.
    Unique profiles are created on major citation sites such as Yelp, About.me and Mantra. As new profiles are generated, you get the login details so you can control what is shared, be it photos, promotions, or the latest news buzzing around. In a nutshell, you’re now in control of what is seen.

Example of a relevant local citationlocal citation example


– Expected outcome

  1. Public exposure; and lots of it! Considering that each citation is basically a mention of your brand, you can expect to receive a significant increase in publicity.
  2. Search engines love structured citations on relevant directories, and as your business get more and more of them, your local rankings will skyrocket.


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