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Twitter has more than 330 million monthly active users, and so is the number of your potential customers. But as more and more consumers jump on the Twitter bandwagon, so do your competitors. Simply signing up and tweeting regularly is hardly enough; it’s what your competitors are doing too.

If you wish to stand out in a sea of similar businesses, you need to be armed with the right tools. With attention spans shrinking and number of tweets soaring, your brand needs a systematic, well-thought out strategy to retain and increase your following. In order to strategize, you need to analyze which tweets get users talking, when are your followers most active and tweak your campaigns accordingly. And in order to acquire this data, you first need to get acquainted with the best Twitter tools 2019!

best twitter tools

Ever since it was launched in 2006, Twitter has spurred the growth of tools that are exclusively meant to help you get the most out of your tweets. So far, hundreds of tools have made blink-and-you-miss appearances, and many have faded into oblivion as Twitter rolls out newer features. Last heard, the site has introduced an extensive archive search that allows you to find every public tweet since it was launched, and also share tweets via Direct Messages. It is important that your business is equipped with the latest social media software, in order to keep pace with recent changes and grow your network.

Fret not, for now you can take social media by storm with this list of the best Twitter tools for marketers:

#Fan Page Robot
Best known for: Finding viral content to share with just one click

Content is king, and nothing engages your audience like good quality content. Launched recently, Fan Page Robot rolls a number of great features for online marketers into one, to help you easily create and curate great content. The web is a massive compilation of content and as much as you want to promote your product, users highly appreciate content related to your niche. Fan Page Robot finds you highly engaging content that users are talking about and is also relevant to your niche and product.

While content takes the throne, context is queen. Thus, Fan Page Robot also allows you to find the best hashtags for your posts and the right time to tweet. In addition, this all-in-one social media dashboard helps you manage campaigns by scheduling posts and content in advance.

best social media dashboard 2015

# TwitHawk

Best known for: Finding customers

One of your most important priorities on Twitter is, of course, to find new customers and inform them about your business. So, how do you find potential customers, without having to plod through millions of tweets to find out who needs your product? This is where TwitHawk comes into the picture. The tool lets you enter phrases that you think your customers are likely to enter when they need your product. For instance, if you are a bag retailer, then you might enter “Where can I buy cheap bags?” or “Suggestions for good bags?” The tool will then show you tweets that have keywords similar to the ones you entered, thus helping you find relevant users and make them aware of your business. You can also search according to geographical area if you are a local business.

# Tweriod
Best known for: Finding the optimal time to tweet

You built a following with a lot of effort, but what if your tweets aren’t reaching your followers when they are active? Your tweets will be lost amid the zillion tweets that they will never bother to read! To avoid this, Tweriod helps you find the best time in the day to tweet and reach maximum followers. Now you can make sure your followers never miss a tweet!

# TweetDeck
Best known for: Managing several Twitter accounts.

Apart from providing a number of other services, one of the prime functions of Tweetdeck is to help you manage multiple Twitter accounts in one place. No matter how many personal and business accounts you have, TweetDeck lets you manage your activity in all these accounts at the same time. The tool provides you all the data i.e. favorites, direct mentions, search results and hash tags for all your accounts.

Best known for: Scheduling tweets

Once you know which are the best times for you to tweet, you can use Buffer to put this data to use. Schedule your tweets in advance to save you the hassle of posting individual tweets twice or thrice a day. Plan your future promotions, offers etc. in advance, and let Buffer take care of the rest!

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