Trending Now: 5 Best Twitter Tools 2015

Trending Now: 5 Best Twitter Tools 2015

Twitter’s 500 million user base is growing each day, and so is the number of your potential customers. But as more and more consumers jump on the Twitter bandwagon, so do your competitors. Simply signing up and tweeting regularly is hardly enough; it’s what your competitors are doing too. If you wish to stand out in a sea of similar businesses, you need to be armed with the right tools. With […]

6 Popular Content Marketing Plans That Guarantee Results

6 Popular Content Marketing Plans That Guarantee Results

If you have a blog or social media profile you’ve most likely seen or heard someone tell you ” give readers valuable content”. What does that mean?! There are so many opinions on what valuable content is, what it can do for you and how you can come up with it. To say the least it can be difficult to figure out, to know what strategy is the right one […]

Planning Your Content Calendar with WordPress and Trello

I have been attending a lot of Twitter chats lately, and this Monday night I attended one by Social Solution Collective about planning your content calendar. I have recently joined their blog as a contributing author and they are an amazing set of women. You can see their Twitter profile here: @Collectivess From the chat (#collectivechat) many of us shared tools, ideas and blog posts that we found helpful in […]

Definition Inbound Marketing- Understanding Inbound Vs Outbound Marketing

What is this inbound marketing that people keep talking about? Hopefully this will clear things up for you: Hubspot is the company that I first heard use ‘inbound marketing‘ to coin how they were changing marketing. Inbound marketing is providing readers with information, and getting their permission to market to them, instead of outbound marketing that consistently goes out there and interrupts people such as Tv commercials, telemarketing, junk mail, […]

What is Blog Distribution and How Should It Be Done? Part 1

For years people have been distributing their content across the internet in hopes it will get in front of the right person, at the right time, and bring them more business. Before it was blog distribution it was article distribution, press release distribution, etc. It is even more commonly called content distribution. But what exactly is it? Blog distribution is sharing the links to your blog posts across the internet […]

Quickly Increase Blog Post Views With These Tips

If you are posting on a blog every week day, you are providing a lot of content about your topic. But! Are you getting a lot of post views? For many who are just starting out with their inbound campaigns, blog posts are getting as few as 10 (yes TEN) post views! Get More Post Views for Inbound Campaigns This strategy is actually very simple, and can be done in […]

Prerequisites for Your Social Media Campaign

Not every business is ready to start a social media campaign, even if you want to. While sites all over the internet are telling you to get on facebook, twitter and linkedin, there are some other things you should have in place first. Let’s discuss: Questions You Should Answer Prior to Starting a Social Media Campaign What is my goal? How do I want to use social media? Who will […]