What Should I Post on My Facebook Fan Page?

What Should I Post

I myself have come to a Facebook page quite often and thought, “what do I say?” and I do this everyday for many businesses.

This week’s infographic shows what kind of information you should be posting on Facebook, and how often. With that in mind, I wanted to help you come up with ideas to post.

What Should I Post on My Facebook Page Each Day?

So here are some ideas I have about what to post and what platform it will work on.

  1. Morning everyone, how’s the weather in your area of the world?
  2. Time to share: My favorite non-profit cause is______.
  3. Who is someone you’ve always wanted to meet, and why? Mine is ….
  4. Do you have pets? Are they like your children?
  5. What did you want to be when you grew up?
  6. This is a great article about… (with link)
  7. My favorite movie trilogy is_____.
  8. If I were alone on a desert island, I would want this book ___.
  1. Share a story
  2. Share an old blog post from your website
  3. Talk about a project you’ve worked on
  4. Share a picture of your office
  5. Share a picture from a customer
  6. Post a new profile image
  7. Post a new cover and tell people what it is from
  8. Find a freebie for your customers and share it

Sharing Posts

Tip- When I can’t think of anything to post I like to use Fanpage Robot to see if they have anything I can share with my followers. A lot of time I can find an interesting trendy topic on my dashboard, and click share.

share on FacebookAfter I click “Full Moon December 2017”, it gives me a list of news articles that I can share with my audience. Click on a post, and add something else you want to talk about with your followers.

share news on Facebook

You should definitely update your fanpage everyday, I recommend doing it a few times a day. It will get much easier when you are used to signing in daily and you get used to chatting with your followers.

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