7 Quick Tips to Write a Better Facebook Post (Templates Included)

write better Facebook post

Discover 7 tips and their templates to improve Facebook posts (or status updates), as Facebook remains the default place to invest serious social media marketing budget.

Use the following tips to build interest and create better engagement for your Facebook page. The idea is that it will serve as a digital outpost as well as a springboard to your main brand.

Ask Questions

One way to boost likes and elicit engagement from your Facebook page followers is to regularly ask relevant questions. They should be thought-provoking and compelling so that your readers have no choice but to respond. You should also add emoticons to give your questions some personality.

A variety of questions can potentially engage the fans of the page.  You can create a variety of questions based on the theme of your content or brand using the different kinds of questions, e.g. fun, tips, etc.

Use the following template to ask questions and know more about your audience. Connect to them on a personal level. Have them share their interests and their personal preferences on different things. You can use survey tools available on the Facebook platform to do this.

  • Specific: What is your favorite ___ ?
  • Yes or No: Is ____ your favorite?
  • Timely: Today is ____ Day! How are you celebrating?
  • Edgy: Do you think ____ ?
  • Photo: Caption this photo.
  • True or False: (write a true or false question here)
  • Direct: Why do you think people ____ ?
  • Preference: Do you like ____ ?
  • Fun: If you were stuck on a deserted island, what would you do?
  • Events: Who is attending our ____ ?
  • Experience: What was your favorite moment in ____ ?
  • Humanistic: (post a funny meme)
  • Tips: What’s your favorite place to eat in ____ ?

Create varied and interesting content

Mix up the content that you deliver on your Facebook page. Use photos, videos, links, questions and then using the Facebook Page Insights, it will tell you which ones your audience prefers. You can then post more of those and with your social media budget you can also boost the top-performing posts for maximum likes and engagement.

Your Facebook Page Insights has a lot of information that you can digest and use for your advantage. It also tracks how well you have been engaging and getting people to act on your content.

So take time for content creation. Learn from your competitors and see what they are doing that is working.


Create evergreen content and continuously share them

Evergreen content as timeless content. So while you share timely or season related content on your Facebook Page to get more likes, most of your content should still be evergreen content because they are long-term and will bring steady traffic to your site plus Google loves evergreen content.

We give some examples below you can consider making for your business and blog.

  • Recommendations
  • How to tips
    evergreen how to tips
  • Funny memes
  • Inspiration quotes
    evergreen inspiration quote

Use emoticons

Communicating online can sometimes feel robotic as we can’t see the person’s body language or sense how they are feeling. Therefore, use emoticons so that the communication becomes more human.

Use the correct emoticons for the different situations and you’re bound to connect to your audience. They will even reply using emoticons. It may seem childlike but at the end of the day, you have to connect digitally for you to engage with them.

Click on the Feeling button on the Facebook message composer. It will show the emoticons you can use. Experiment and make sure it is relevant to your post and situation.

evergreen emoji

Images are a powerful attention grabber

A better post should not only have text. A picture says a thousand words and no wonder Instagram has been a runaway success. So on your Facebook page, use great and relevant photos to get people interested in your content.

Images could be infographics, quotes, and even memes relevant to your theme! So bring out your creative energy and see which form of images connects best to your audience.

Learn how to use Canva, Photoshop and other design tools to manipulate and improve your photos for your social media accounts especially Facebook page.

Time your posts properly

Timing is also important when you create a better post. One of the useful information from Facebook insights is that it knows when your audience is typically online. Once you’ve gotten this information, make sure you try to engage them during that period.

You can use post schedulers like Fan Page Robot to help automate the process, so that you can plan in advance and plan out your content marketing on Facebook and other social media platforms. For instance, a lot of people are free on the weekends so consider this and plan ahead:

evergreen time range
Make sure you have call to actions!

Your audience needs directions on what to do next after they consume your content. With so many actions they can possibly do, you have to direct them what you want them to do. Is it to follow your Instagram account? Is it to comment? Do you want them to share the piece?

Be enthusiastic and assertive about your calls to action.

Vary your calls to action to ensure to find out which wordings work best and which one needs improvement if it’s not effective. This is where strong copywriting becomes very useful.

Here’s an example image of an effective call to action used on a Facebook page for an online store:

content call to action***

Maintaining Facebook Pages can actually be fun. Let your inner child loose and have some fun as you manage it. That’s your part when you create a better Facebook post. Implement these tips and you’ll find engagement to your brand increase day by day.

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