The Best Postcron Alternatives for Better Social Media Posting and Marketing

Best Postcron Alternatives

The Postcron alternative has been a buzzing hunt these days for social media marketers. In order to automate the daily social media activities, many tools are out there that facilitate marketers with their social media chores.

These web-based Postcron alternatives are missing the key features to automate your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media content. A flock of marketers like me started looking for a reliable and high-quality alternative.

This write-up comprehensively describes the features provided by Postcron as well as some best Postcron alternatives that will let you continue your marketing tasks effortlessly.

What the Perfect Postcron Alternatives Should be?

·       More Social Networks

Postcron was considered a primary tool for social media posting.  Postcron offered easy enough features to add multiple accounts and schedule posts.

It has three social networks compatible with it. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. However, there are some other picture sharing networks missing from its platform. I need a tool can post to the Instagram and Pinterest without my phone.

·       Automated Posting

The Postcron platform facilitated the users with social media postings. With some easy steps, a user can easily complete automated post scheduling.

Although, Postcron used to be a popular tool but it did not offer anything beyond manual posting, it did not provide anything other than manual posting. It doesn’t provide the functionality in terms of social media automation.

·       Ability to Post from Feeds

Unlike the discontinued Twitterfeed or, an important feature missing from Postcron is the ease to post from your feeds. So I need a tool to easily set up as much feeds I want for my social profiles and marketing pages.

I was searching for a tool that offers options to add a feed as well. I get different posting options before automating the feed. Those options included Post frequency, Frequency for checking content updates, post sorting, post prefix and suffix.

·       Better Content Suggestions

Postcron did not offer the social media insights like the search for trending topics, content curation, marketing tactics, etc. With too much limited functionality, the software was just designed to facilitate users with scheduling posts.

This imposed a great necessity to have a list of reliable Postcron alternatives that may not only facilitate in automated postings but leverage on other chores.

A New World for Better Social Media Marketing

After looking for such a better alternative, I finally discovered Fan Page Robot, an easy-to-go software that is not only a great Postcron replacement but an all in one social media suite. The below is a review video:

·       Social Media Automation

It came up as an instant support for me in social media automation. From automatic tweets to viral content generation and from automated Facebook video marketing to powerful lead generation, the software offers incredible features for social media marketing.

Now, I don’t need to worry about automatic tweets or status updates on other social networking sites. This one of the best Postcron alternatives sets social pages to autopilot. You can automatically post a variety of stuff from your websites or blogs to social media accounts.

·       Determine the Best Time of Posting

The post scheduler is superbly easy to use with simple features and tools. Just clicking on a button everything will be done promptly.

The software incredibly aids me by determining which is the perfect time to post a new update. A comprehensive calendar is there that lets you schedule and manage social posts without any efforts. With easy drag-and-drop features, I can even schedule the posts.

·       Discover Top Influencers

Being in contact with the industry experts and gurus gives a definite edge over others. This Postcron alternative has a unique feature that lets you discover the top influencers and competitors related to your niche.

Entering the relevant keywords, you will come across a complete list of your top competitors. This paves a way to analyze them meticulously and research their campaigns. So, you will be able to detect the deficiency in your own social media campaigns.

Discover Top Influencers - Followerwonk

·       Viral Content Generation

You ultimately need engrossing and trending content to get your target audience highly engaged with you. Fan Page Robot is an alternated option for Postcron that goes one step farther in this regard as well. Unlike Postcron though, you can directly post such trending stuff to your Instagram account without a phone.

As a user-friendly Postcron alternative, it offers one-click viral content generation. As you enter the target keywords in the search bar, the software fetches the most trending news, articles, infographics and other resources. The content curation facility is there to produce fresh content.

·       Auto Post to Pinterest

The most exciting feature that makes it a time-saving Postcron alternative is the creation and posting of automatic tweets and Pinterest posts. It automatically creates tweets and auto posts them. Moreover, it is capable of shortening tweets and optimize Pinterest images automatically.

It also extended reach with best hashtags, which are crucial in expanding your audience. The software recommends the best hashtags to be inserted in posts that will probably get you more likes, shares, and retweets. Besides Pinterest automation and automatic tweets, the software also tells you about these significant hashtags that increase your outreach.

Auto Post to Pinterest·       Free Revenue Generation

A lot of online marketers are looking for a tool that can skyrocket their business using advertising methods. They usually place costly advertisements on high-authority websites like YouTube and Google.

Is there any way that we can market our products without spending a penny? The below video demonstrates how you can bring traffic to the website, sell products and build your email list proficiently with the free popup advertisements.


Postcron was a productive and easy to use the tool. The tool was designed to facilitate content postings on a daily basis and offers all their services in an insanely reasonable price range. However, the above alternated options are not only social media posting tools, but impressively comes across as marketing suite with autopilot features.

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