How to Use Blogs to Get More Followers on Social Media

How to Use Blogs to Get More Followers

I often get asked how to get more likes and followers on Facebook. While the fastest way to get more fans is to use Facebook advertising (yup I said it), my best results have come from blogging. When I see a spike in my numbers on Facebook, it is almost always right after a blog post I wrote has gotten a lot of exposure.

Facebook is not my most active network, I work on client’s Facebook pages to get traffic but I get a better response from other networks. However, I almost always get new likes on Facebook when I write a new post.

As a social media manager, I’d like to cover the benefits I’ve found from blogging and how to use blogs to get more followers and likes.

Place Like Buttons in Your Blogs

Blogging alone usually brings in some new likes. I have the Facebook like buttons in my sidebar. You can get your like box here.

Another way to get more likes is by including your like box in the middle of your blog post.

As for other social media networks, I’ve increased my followers through G+, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest. Every post I write is distributed to each network. Depending on the site I include photos, hashtags, mentions or simply target the right groups to get exposure. Exposure on social media often turns into new followers.

Create Business Opportunities on Every Blog Post

Getting results from social media can mean more traffic for your website, a bigger fanbase, more sales for products, or more awareness for your brand. Every business that is considering social media needs to define their own goals. Once they have defined their goals, it’s time to consider using blogging to enhance the results.

I read the other day that Chris Brogan said “every blog post is an opportunity”. I agree, and while he focused on the business opportunities, I’m going to focus on the sharing, exposure and influence opportunities. Each post has its own title and content to back it up, when it is shared others see it, they read it, share it, and give it their endorsement. For every post you write you get these opportunities.

Give Back to Your Followers

Your followers often do something for you, they give you access to their home feed and allow you to connect with them. This is a privilege many forget to appreciate. I suggest blogging as a way to show the world how much you appreciate your followers and the people who need your information.

In every post you write you can focus on providing quality, useful content your target market needs. This can easily be your thank you for their loyalty.

Initiate A Response

When you post a blog on Facebook, you should include some teaser information about it. Done correctly teaser posts get your fans to check out your newest blog post, and engage with you.

Initiating a response on Facebook is part of the algorithm used to decide who sees what updates. On additional platforms such as Twitter and Linkedin, just being more active (having more links to share, too) will lead to more response and action from your followers.

PreSell to Your Audience

In sales the typical website has a page set up for every product or service they are selling. The page goes hardcore into the reasons you need the product and why it will make your life much better. Highly targeted traffic is sent to these pages to get conversions. Social media traffic is not normally ready for this kind of sales pitch, so preselling through a blog post (even promotional) is a great way to see how interested people are, and collect leads for following up in email.


There are a lot of benefits to blogging. Having a blog in addition to your social media presence can multiply your efforts and help your business grow more quickly than by doing either social media or blogging alone. Give it a shot now, start using your blog and social media to get better results, then come back and tell me about your experience.

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  1. For me social media bridges the gap between the “corporate” feeling you get from companies and the social nature of its employees. This is invaluable because customers can relate to people and build relationships with people, not with a corporation.

    • You are right, building relationships with people is far more important than as a company. But it can be difficult to find the balance between branding and being social for relationship purposes for some companies.

  2. I think social media is the best communicator for the audience. It can share your thoughts easily. This is a great article on the benefits of social media. We can create many blogs and share on social media, this will definitely bring audience easily.

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