Does Blogging Really Work? Yes, Yes It Does- 2 Examples of Success!

I’ve been pushing people I know to blog for quite awhile.

Most think I’m a little crazy, don’t have the time (they say) or just haven’t taken an interest.

In their defense there really are a lot of options out there for marketing a company, so why choose blogging over any of the others? (Good idea for the next post, huh?)

Either way, a friend of mine recently started a blog.

I’ve been telling him for months he needed to do it as he is great at networking and growing groups on Facebook, but he still wasn’t getting as much traction for his business as he liked.

His blog is less than a week old but he has already seen decent results.

In one of his messages to me, he said “every time I blog, I get more interest for my business. I get more contacts, more questions and more leads!” And this was after just a couple of days.

Another Example of How Blogging Really Works

For the past two months I’ve been helping an inbound marketing agency get their start. It’s been a lot of fun, I’ve learned a lot and we are already seeing traffic, followers and possibilities.

The one thing we are doing is 5 blog posts a week. I am carefully distributing their content each time a piece is published, to their social accounts and other places online. Unlike other agencies who don’t take this step to promote their content, we are getting daily hits on brand new posts, and have blog posts with over 60 visitors after just a day or two.

Now I realize this isn’t a big deal for some, but for a new agency just starting out, this is great news. People are seeing our content, and learning what we are all about. We have a few tweaks to make to our blogging strategy but this is going well.

We are already producing leads- great news!

You Don’t Have To Be Perfect At Blogging- Just Do It!

There are a million blogging tips you can find online, and all of them have their own stories about how they helped the owner make a huge difference in income, traffic, leads, etc. Seeing these adds pressure to you, to do just as well, to follow their advice and make sure you are doing everything right. While I fully understand the need to do better, to improve, I also know you don’t have to get every single step right.

In fact, you can do many things ‘wrong’ and still have a successful blog. You need to try things out, see how they affect your visitor numbers and leads and make appropriate choices.

I’ll give you an example; I have been told several times that consistency is the most important aspect of posting to a blog, yet over the years I get busy, overwhelmed with client work, and miss up to a month of blogging at a time- not to mention never really meeting a schedule in the first place.

Even as I do this, I am certain that when I come back to blog people will see it, share it and read. Of course, if I did post consistently it would help me stay on top of consistent leads, but to be honest I can’t handle that many leads, so instead I come back and blog when I can and it supports myself and my family.

You Can Do It! Start Blogging Now

Blogging for your business might seem difficult to start with, and there are definitely some things you should do along the way, or actions you should avoid. But, the most important thing is to get started. Begin by answering the questions your prospective visitors and clients ask, from there alone you’ll have a ton of posts to write.

Any Questions?

Let me know, it’s never a bad idea to ask questions and I’d be glad to help, no obligation to work with me, just advice from one blogger to another.

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  1. Hi Mary, It’s great to hear of 2 examples and how they work. My question is can you keep up the pace of 5 posts per week? Are there more than 1-2 people writing the posts? Do you have a minimum word count? I try to get at least 2 posts per week out, I found it helps to get more engagement if I leave a few days in between but traffic does pick up if I post more often. It’s a catch 22.

    • Hi Lisa,
      The posts have been pretty short so far, around 600 words, so at that pace we could keep up 5 a week. I like blogging more often because it really seems to make a difference in traffic and engagement, but not everyone can do that. Sometimes it’s easier to just do shorter posts and break them up. Either way though, blogging works, right? And I love it!!

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