How Do I Grow and Monetize My Blog

by Mary Green, a social media expert at Social Media Fuze

How Do I Grow and Monetize My Blog

Starting a blog is easy but growing it is the other way around: takes a lot of time, effort and patience. The 7 hot tips to grow your blog that I am going to share with you through this article will help you grow your brand new blog faster than you think Your level of inspiration will get high as you read this blog and come to know how I achieved success in a short period of time. By the time you have gone through Social Media Fuze, you will have a pretty good idea about how I launched this blog and took effective steps to grow it fast.

Just like all other new bloggers out there, I didn’t have much traffic on my blog. But the number of visitors continued to grow as I followed the tips I am about to share with you through this blog. Let us get to the point and read the tips one by one.

  1. Focus On Community Management

I created a lot of content, did a lot of other activities, keeping my readers’ likes and dislikes in mind. Your readers are your assets, and to keep your assets, you have to stay in touch with your loyal readers. Your readers will come back to your blog only if you have something engaging and helpful to share with them. So, creating engaging posts is the way to go if you don’t want to lose readers. Below is what I did to engage them.

  • My writing style was engaging, and almost all of my posts had a question at the end. This was to encourage my readers to make comments to answer the question.
  • I never left any question in the comments unanswered.
  • Similarly, I never ignored any comment on my Facebook page and responded to each asap.
  • I responded to all the tweets on my Twitter account too.

Responding to your readers is one way to keep them happy. In some comments, readers often ask for solutions to a problem they are facing during their blogging journey. By getting answers to their questions, they get satisfaction and peace of mind. And that is a pretty solid reason for them to head for your blog over and over.

  1. Develop Personality Oriented Content

Personality oriented posts worked for me and I got more visitors pretty fast. What I did is so simple. I came up with ideas for creating “everyday style” blog posts. The trick worked, and a few weeks later, I had a lot of comments to respond to on my new posts.

The posts I created were about how I had a party with my friends. Some of other most liked posts were about a short trip I had with friends. In addition to these posts, I shared my routine experiences through my Facebook fan page as well.

  1. Curate Incredibly Useful Content Using the Right Tools

I like to use Fan Page Robot to find trending content and schedule posts. Google it. It’s the most useful social media tool I’ve used.

I don’t know about other people, but I would update my Facebook status at 7 am, and that was my routine. Probably, this is a bit too early to most bloggers out there, but to me, it was the absolutely right time. I thought my readers would check the updates at their breakfast table. The results were positive, and I got plenty of comments as soon as my posts went live at 7am.

The same strategy can work for blog posts too. Try different times of day for publishing to see when you get more comments, and then stick to that posting schedule.

  1. Get To Know the Target Audience

My aim to write each of the posts was not only to engage the readers but also to help with problems they had related to blogging.

I would do research, gathered useful information about problem faced commonly by new bloggers, and then put together posts to give possible solutions to each problem.

Since my readers were growing with each passing day, I was sure that they were finding my posts quite helpful. Many of my readers posted comments to thank me and appreciate me for the tips and advice that I shared through my posts.

  1. Focus On Monetization Techniques

I spared some time to work for the monetization of my blog too. In my posts, I often linked to other blog or websites, and whenever, I would do that I would inform the site or blog owner. Many of them thanked me and offered to work together. I did a variety of things to make money from my blog:

  • I took my time and made a list of other related sites and Facebook pages for engagement.
  • I stayed in touch with other bloggers and jointed several groups on Facebook too.
  • Some bloggers requested me to publish their new posts on my blog, and I let me do that as guest blog posters.

These activities cost a lot of time and effort to me to be honest. But the results were quite satisfying so all the time and effort was worth it. I was happy to see my blog grow incredibly.

  1. Request Others To Give You A Hand

Network with other bloggers and let them publish a few posts on your blog too every now and then. Over the course of my blogging journey, I let three popular bloggers publish their high quality blog posts on my blog. The posts were liked by my readership and got much more comments than I expected.

Here I kept one thing in mind: I published only those blog posts on my blog that were written in my writing style. So, the key is to get other bloggers involved to grow your blog.7. Use Image Creation/Editing Apps

Images grab attention at first look, so I installed a few image creations programs on my PC. Two of them became my favorites: Canva and PicMonkey. I designed images for the blog posts I created to promote products.

Image creation or editing may not be your cup of tea, and It may sound a tedious task to you, but with the two apps I mentioned above you can easily create eye-catching photos. And don’t forget to post these photos when updating your Facebook status.

Gird Up Your Loins

I don’t claim to be an expert blogger just because I had grown my blog exponentially in a very short period. I know that there is an endless amount of learning to do for me. But I do love my blog grow with the passage of time, and I get quite glad when I share my experienced with a myriad of new bloggers like you. Hopefully, you can also get a zillion of visitors that would be repeat visitors with the tips I shared.

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