5 Best Social Media Blogs You Should Be Reading

A few weeks ago Social Media Examiner launched their post on the top 10 social media blogs. It is a contest they run each year and it’s fun to watch.

It’s been a work in progress that included weeks of voting, and then another week or more of narrowing down the votes.

I was happy to see many blogs I regularly visit listed, but the list is only the top 10, so a LOT of great blogs didn’t make the cut.

It could have been because they cover other topics as well, or maybe their followers are not aware of the contest. I didn’t participate in the contest, but here are some of my favorites who did NOT make it, and are worth subscribing to.

best social media marketing blogs

Truly A Blogging Evangelist

Blogging Wizard– Adam Connell is a blogger about blogging more than social media, but his posts often refer to social media, and just about every company that uses social media needs to be blogging, so he easily made the list.

His posts speak to the art of blogging, the social tools you need to use, the issues bloggers often have (hacking, commenting, trolls, traffic, hosting).

He is active on social media, and writes blog posts that are long, easy to skim and great lists. His emails about his new posts aren’t just the posts themselves either- which is something we should all consider changing. 

top social media marketing blog


A Blogger Who Knows How To Talk To Business Owners

The Social Media Hat– Mike Alton’s blog is one of few that I read every new post. He shares blogs about social media, blogging and business and for me they are all part of the same thing- my life. The quality is great, and he is easy to approach about your own questions and thoughts. He is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.top social media marketing blogs

The Blogging & Social Media Expert

Jeff Bullas– A blogging and social media blogger (like me- but much more established) Jeff has a book on blogging and using social media for your blog.

He is a genius and I get an email for every new blog post he makes. What I like most about him is he doesn’t just jump on the ‘Abandon Facebook’ bandwagon, but says instead that companies still need to be there.social media marketing blog


What You Need to Know About Content Marketing

Heidi Cohen– Heidi often discusses content marketing, but does so in addition to discussing social media. She’s very smart, writes every day and is usually at big conferences as a speaker. Her posts are some of the longest I subscribe to, but they are easy to skim as there are headlines and formatting that make them easily digestible. With all of the reading we do each day, I NEED nicely formatted posts to skim. – TY Heidi

Awesome Blog for New Tools

Social Media Slant– I love social media tools and this blog shares new tools often. She does a quick run through of the tool and it is always helpful in deciding whether I could use it for my own business. Check her out- a wonderful resource. 


Social Media & Blogging- Why You Should Be Interested

Social media and blogging feed off each other. Social media helps you share content and blogging is how to constantly provide more content to your followers- to keep their interest and educate them. I recommend at least one new blog post a week, the more you produce, the more you have to share, and the more opportunities you have you impress readers.

Social media & bloggging need each other.

Get These Awesome Blogs In Your Email

I started playing with a new tool last night (new to me) called BlogTrottr. Instead of subscribing to each of these blogs individually through email or RSS you give the feed to BlogTrottr and when there is a new post you will receive a daily list of the new posts from all of your subscriptions. That’s it 1 email, all of your subscriptions. 

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 1.24.55 PM

Who Do You Follow?

Tell me who you follow for blogging and social media, I don’t know everyone so it would be great to see who else has a good blog. Thank you.

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