10 Social Media Campaign Ideas for 2017

10 Social Media Campaign Ideas for 2017

The social media marketers can influence these sentiments to profoundly draw in with their clients on an enthusiastic level and develop trust and validity. But you must inject creativity, innovation, and uniqueness while planning a social media campaign. Let’s explore these impeccable ideas for designing unmatched social media campaigns. Come up with a brilliant campaign to draw more users and convert them into customers for your business. ·       Social Media […]

A Successful Fanpage Contest Begins with the Right Applications

It continues to amaze me, the fanpage owners that run contests on Facebook without following the rules. Thousands never take the time to read the terms of use for using Facebook and are at risk of losing their fanpage every time they run a promotion, without a fanpage contest application. Examples of fanpage contests putting small businesses at risk: Like us to enter Send in a photo to enter Share […]

18 Ideas to Grow Your Facebook Fanbase

In order to get anything out of your social media campaigns, you have to have a fanbase to work with. If you have 10 fans, it simply isn’t enough to engage, no matter how many questions you ask or pictures you share, you just won’t reach enough people. Growing isn’t easy, but it is necessary, so I encourage clients to do two things: 1- Have a budget for growing your […]

Why Can’t I Run Contests On Facebook?

Update: You are now able to run contests on facebook- right on the newsfeed- no software necessary I’m not sure a day goes by that I don’t see a fanpage running a contest or giveaway on their fanpage. For sure I can see why they want to, and if they don’t know why they shouldn’t, I can even see why they do. But for many, I send them a quick […]

How To Run a Social Media Promotion on Facebook

It still surprises me how many businesses I see that run social media promotions on their fanpages. I get that it is super easy to do, and that everyone else is doing it, but that doesn’t make it acceptable. You can lose your whole fan page by doing it, and it just isn’t worth it. You don’t want to have to start all over again, from 0 likes? You have […]