Use Facebook Auto Poster for Content Marketing

If I had to state one problem that can be a thorn in the side of internet marketers, it would be the large number of accounts we tend to find themselves managing, sometimes despite our best efforts. A lot of Facebook pages naturally lead to a lot of Twitter and Pinterest accounts or vice versa, numerous blogs and so on. That brings a whole lot of other rather obvious problems too (but that’s another day’s work).

One of my favorite solution is Fan Page Robot, which is best summed up as a social media marketing automation tool. It allows you to easily generate content, create automatic tweets, auto post to Pinterest and Instagram without a smartphone, and auto post to the other biggest social media networks.

Many experts suggest updating your fan page multiple times per day, and with Fan Page Robot it couldn’t be easier. Login once a day to post content on your fanpage. This will help you save time, keep your fans engaged and share information they want to read.

Auto Generate and Post Content To Your Fan Pages

Here’s how you set it up to easily deliver content on your fanpage:

  • Sign up for Fan Page Robot
  • Connect it to your Facebook. There is no limit on how many fan pages you can post to.
  • Enter keywords or a website URL to generate content
  • Set up your Schedule (I would suggest 2 updates in a day).
  • You can autopost to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, your WordPress site, Blogger, at the same time with just one click.

If you do this everyday, you can easily update your fans 3 times a day without having to constantly logon. When you do have time, I would suggest getting on later in the afternoon, and checking comments, etc when you check your personal account.

This should let you spend less than 10 minutes a week taking care of your fan pages.

There are so many benefits to using Fan Page Robot, a social media marketing software that facilitates your content marketing efforts.

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  3. Hey!

    I heard about Facebook Fan Page auto poster but are they still working? I could be wrong but the last update on Facebook group made it less useable — no?

    Just curious 🙂

    • Hi, Facebook group auto posters are fine but just don’t spam. Find and post great content using Fan Page Robot. And make sure the groups you are posting to are specifically for your type of business.

  4. Hi, I’ve seen Fanpage Robot mentioned on other sites. I use HootSuite for my social media postings. Is there anything that makes Fanpage Robot a better option?

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