How I Keep Facebook Pages Active without Spending Time

keep Facebook page active using autoposter

I manage many Facebook pages. I really get too busy to constantly create posts and maintain all of my pages. I used to get notifications from Facebook saying “People visiting your page haven’t heard from you in a while. Write a post.“, or “You haven’t shared anything to your Page in a while. Write a post to reach the 1,000 people who like your page.

Facebook page notification

Facebook notificationBut recently I found an easy way to keep Facebook page active without spending much time. Use an automated software to schedule and automatically post to Facebook.  Here are some some tips to keep your Facebook pages active:

Use of Facebook Autoposter

Facebook has undoubtedly become the most essential part of our life. The social media marketing game is getting too strong these days that it has become necessary to keep the Facebook page active to gain traffic.

Using an automated social media marketing tool helps you to reach a wider audience by automatically posting to Facebook pages from the website, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Facebook autoposter

There are immense benefits of using a Facebook autoposter. If you are active on your Facebook page, you can increase your traffic to a great extent. It helps your business grow easily.

The most significant benefit of scheduling your Facebook posts is that it maintains consistency and quality.

Post to Pages from Website

I do not need to manually post on each and every social media channel I manage. By scheduling my posts using my autoposting tool, I post to pages from my website automatically.

Apart from posting, my autoposting tool also automatically inserts hashtags to my posts.

Facebook auto poster tool

Besides, it helps me to auto post to my Facebook page according to my assigned schedule.

Schedule Your Posts at the Right Time

To expose your posts to more followers, you have to schedule your posts at the right time. Many of you may be unaware of the fact that the traffic you gain depends mostly on the time you select for posting on your social media.

Some social media dashboards have its own scheduler that is as comprehensive as Google Calendar. You can drag and drop to manage your posts on a calendar view. They may also automatically determine the best time to auto-post on your Facebook page from your website.

Facebook auto scheduler

With the help of this useful auto post tool I am able to keep my Facebook page active without spending time. Apart from auto-posting from website to pages, it has some additional striking features which helped me to gain traffic. By just paying a meager amount we can excel in our business quickly.

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