Latest Facebook “Copyright Violations” Phishing Scam Targets at Social Media Managers

Facebook Copyright Violations Phishing Scam

The hackers are quite active and working out to spread fake baits to steal precious information. If you are a Social Media Manager managing business pages on social networks, you could be the target of phishing scams.

The phishing scams on Facebook have been increasing with the passage of time. “Copyright violations” is one of those scams that I have encountered recently.

What is Phishing?

Before delving into further details, let me define the term Phishing. The homophone of word “fishing”,  the term corresponds to the fake ways used to acquire or steal information like usernames, passwords, credit card or other sensitive details of a person or company.

So, the fraudsters (or hackers) try to steal your precious information via such baits. Let’s explore how the recent copyright violations scam is trying to victimize social media managers and internet marketers.

Facebook Copyright Violation?

Recently, I was hit by a message in the inbox of one of the Facebook pages that I manage. The message stated “Recently there have been reports citing copyright violations of your Facebook posts…..”

Facebook phishing scam

The message was apparently sent by the Facebook support team having an icon exactly similar to that of a Facebook logo. Furthermore, I was warned in the message to click a provided link to take necessary action.

And also stated that in the case of failure of compliance with Facebook’s terms of service, my account will be temporarily or permanently suspended.

The link went to “….” that obviously would make anyone think that it was really coming from the real Facebook team. But clicking on the link I was landed over a page that asked me to enter my username and password.

This alarmed me at once and I was sure that it was definitely a Facebook phishing scam targeted to steal my valuable information.

So, what one can do to avoid such scams? Let’s reveal it.

How to Fight Against Facebook Phishing Scams?

In order to stay safe from such fraudulent activities or scams, a social media manager must be aware of the preventive measures. Taking necessary steps will definitely aid you in keeping your information safe.

To take down a scammer from Facebook, you can take the following steps:

  • Go to the sender’s Facebook profile.
    fake facebook account
  • Clicking on the tab beside “Message”, you will be displayed with various options.
  • Click “Report” to report Facebook about the profile as a fake or bogus one.
    report facebook account

Be Aware of Other Phishing Scams

Although, the copyright violation (as described above) is a new Facebook phishing scam. But there are other scams that you must be aware of in order to stay safe and sound. Some of them are listed below:

  • One more deadly form of phishing scam is fake comments on popular posts on Facebook. The hackers take advantage of the posts that have acquired massive user engagement and post comments with links to some other websites that lead to credit card phishing scams.
    Top 5 Social Media Scams to Avoid is an article to have the insights about common phishing scams targeting social media manager.

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