6 Reasons Why Is Social Media Important For Business


Why Is Social Media Important For Business

The stats and facts are researched with the passage of time to reveal the worth of social media. Such figures are sufficient to decipher how social media has revolutionized the entire world.

The statistics portal Statista has recently shared such states that the worldwide users of social media are expected to reach approx. 2.95 billion by 2020. This research reveals following major facts and figures:

  • An estimated of 650 million users (from the above 2.95 billion population) are expected to be from China.
  • North America is the region that has the highest penetration rate of social networks. Means around 60% of the population has at least one social account.
  • Facebook is on the top having surpassed 1 billion active monthly users.
  • As of the 4th quarter (of 2015), the global users on average spend around 109 minutes per day on social networks.
  • As of the fourth quarter (of 2016), over 1 billion Facebook users had accessed the platform via their mobile devices.

A properly developed social media marketing strategy can potentially skyrocket your brand. From brand recognition to customer insights and building relationships, social media is now integrated into every business’s strategy. Let’s explore the top reasons why is social media important for business.

·         Affordable Way to Market your Business

When it comes to monetary investment for a business, social media is the most affordable way to generate quick revenue. We have compiled a list of 50 Best Social Media Tools For Your Business. They will give you a highly economical way to reach out the target consumers and increase brand awareness.

So, any business tying its belts for marketing, social media is an affordable yet powerful option to thrive on. With a little budget, you cannot only build brand recognition but can enjoy the lucrative benefits in terms of: increased traffic, leads and ROI.

·         Access to Local and Global Audience

On the top of everything, social media helps businesses reaching out a wider audience locally and globally. You can search for a new audience as well as connect with the existing audience in a meaningful way.

There are many social media tools that help to search specific hashtags or search for audience geographically, that enable a business to find out more about their target audience. Our 8 methods to get local Twitter followers and local clients on Facebook can help you get started.

·         Establishes Brand Recognition

When it comes to drive more customers to a business, brand recognition is a significant element to consider. And this further justifies that why is social media important for business.

A strong social media presence gives a voice to your brand. The social channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, Instagram etc.) give you an opportunity to establish your business as a prominent brand by keeping a meaningful relationship with consumers in real-time.

·         Valuable Customer Insights to Connect With Audience

In order to up your business, you must get to know your audience. The more you understand about target audience, more nurtured relationship you will have with them. And social media enables a business to gain valuable insights about customer behavior and interests.

Such insights will help you understand the needs and demands of your customers. This further results in an increased fan base. And gaining more followers and likes ultimately leads to increased brand recognition and that’s why social media likes are so important.

·         Enriched Customer Service

While finding out the answer to ‘Why is social media important for business’, you will come to know its significance while enhancing the customer service. Being a wide communication channel, the platform of social media provides an instant way to receive customers’ feedback.

You can immediately address customer’s complaints or issues by apologizing them publicly and resolving the issues at hand. Moreover, interacting with them in real time build their trust and confidence in your brand.

·         Increased Chances to Drive Targeted Traffic

Your ultimate aim is to drive more visitors to your site and eventually convert them into successful leads. And that is where social media shows its real worth. As you add up a social media profile and start sharing engaging and interesting posts, you leverage on the ways to drive targeted traffic to the site.

Simply do these 20 updates on your Facebook and Twitter page, you can drive more traffic to your business.

With a regular posting schedule (of quality content) on social media, you can skyrocket the inbound traffic. And an increased traffic leads to more leads and conversions eventually.


Is Social Media Important For YOUR Business?

The above stated reasons are enough to get a clear picture about why is social media important for business. Consider devising a social media strategy that further synchronizes your efforts with actual goals.

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