Quickly Increase Blog Post Views With These Tips

If you are posting on a blog every week day, you are providing a lot of content about your topic. But! Are you getting a lot of post views? For many who are just starting out with their inbound campaigns, blog posts are getting as few as 10 (yes TEN) post views! Get More Post Views for Inbound Campaigns This strategy is actually very simple, and can be done in […]

Prerequisites for Your Social Media Campaign

Not every business is ready to start a social media campaign, even if you want to. While sites all over the internet are telling you to get on facebook, twitter and linkedin, there are some other things you should have in place first. Let’s discuss: Questions You Should Answer Prior to Starting a Social Media Campaign What is my goal? How do I want to use social media? Who will […]

3 Reasons to Provide Daily Content on Social Media Profiles

3 Reasons to Provide Daily Content on Social Media Profiles

Half of all Facebook users get on their accounts everyday. This is just one of the reasons you need to provide daily content to your followers. But it isn’t just on Facebook, you should be providing this content on everyday social media platform you are active on. You should provide content to Twitter, LinkedIn and any other platform you have a professional presence on each day. It seems like everyday […]