Does Facebook Marketing Really Work? Debunking Myths for Small Business Owners

Are you wondering: Will Facebook Marketing benefit MY business? The answer: It depends. Everyone is saying you have to be on social, but the truth is, you can’t just show up on Facebook, wing it and hope for the best, because chances are, it won’t work. It’s similar to running an ad in the newspaper, if you don’t research or have any idea of what to say, or where to […]

18 Ideas to Grow Your Facebook Fanbase

In order to get anything out of your social media campaigns, you have to have a fanbase to work with. If you have 10 fans, it simply isn’t enough to engage, no matter how many questions you ask or pictures you share, you just won’t reach enough people. Growing isn’t easy, but it is necessary, so I encourage clients to do two things: 1- Have a budget for growing your […]

New Social Networks Your Business Needs to Adopt NOW

As Facebook seems to be upsetting more and more users, several of them are looking at other options for using social media. The one thing that Facebook has been able to sustain so far though, is that everyone is there, making it difficult for some to leave. Instead of just leaving Facebook though, many are adopting additional/new social networks and small businesses should follow suit and do the same. Is […]

Social Media For Small Business 101- Part 4- Create Facebook Business Fanpage

Social Media For Small Business 101- Part 4- Create Facebook Business Fanpage

Why Use Facebook! Facebook is the most popular social media platform (although Youtube is for video), with somewhere close to a billion users, you can be sure that your customers (or potential customers) are active in some capacity on Facebook. There are some benefits and downfalls to using Facebook for business, but in my experience the benefits easily come out on top. Although there are huge differences between Facebook and […]