4 Tactics to Generate Killer Blog Titles

4 Tactics to Generate Killer Blog Titles

BLOG.. everyone is telling their customers to blog. I do it, most of the experts I follow do it. It’s the perfect way to get more exposure for your company, and show your potential clients what you are all about. But what do you blog about? What should you say in your blog? How do you start it? What do your followers want to read? I have about a thousand […]

5 Social Media Blogs You Should Be Reading

A few weeks ago Social Media Examiner launched their post on the top 10 social media blogs. It is a contest they run each year and it’s fun to watch. It’s been a work in progress that included weeks of voting, and then another week or more of narrowing down the votes. I was happy to see many blogs I regularly visit listed, but the list is only the top […]

WordPress vs Hubspot for Blogging- Which Is Better?

Hubspot is the leading inbound marketing software. It’s not often I speak to someone who hasn’t heard of it, due to their active education on the topics that surround it, and I’m sure companies that can afford the price sign up when they are ready to begin inbound marketing. I love Hubspot, the analytics are the best. I’m sure many of the same reports can be found on Google Analytics […]

13 Places to Share New Blog Posts Cheatsheet

13 Places to Share New Blog Posts Cheatsheet

Do you want to share your blog posts to get the most traffic possible? Bookmark this page because you are in the perfect place! These are some of the best tactics to get more new post traffic and I will be changing it based on newest changes in distribution: Prior Sharing Set Up Triberr– My favorite place to get shares for new posts. Join for free, join related tribes to […]

Top 5 Questions About Starting A Blog

Businesses that blog get up to 55% more traffic than those who don’t. That means if you get 1000 visitors a day, you could get 550 more visitors, for a total of 1550 visitors- awesome, right? But, starting a blog is hard, isn’t it? What if you don’t know how? Well, this is the internet, and if there is a will, there’s a way. It’s time to get those extra […]

What’s In Your Blog Strategy?- Template Strategy Included

I recommend companies using social media for marketing have a blog on their websites. Besides all of the other pages on a website, a blog is an easy place to add news, articles, and other pieces of content. Blogs have been shown to improve search engine traffic, and bring return visitors back to your website. With the ease of setting up a WordPress.com blog, or even install WordPress on your […]

Make New Friends- Building Connections with Social Media and Content

Depending on which social media site you are using, there is a different level of difficulty involved for building connections. Sure you can get likes, new followers, etc. But that’s the easy part (and I don’t say that lightly). Taking those likes and follows to another level is a completely different story. To start with turning a like or follow into a relationship takes a lot of time. Time in […]