10 Simple Rules for Building A Social Media Community

The #1 question I get about social media is: “How do I get more likes?” Granted, this isn’t the most important issue when it comes to social media, as I covered last week in 7 Ways Like Really Are Important in Social Media, but it’s something that will probably never change. As a business; likes means social proof, this many people like your company, you’ve reached this many people in […]

7 Reasons Why Likes Really Are Important For Social Media

You’ve heard “it doesn’t matter how many likes you have on Facebook” right? Or, “the number of followers you have on Twitter isn’t that important”. What matters is what you do with these likes and followers, or so the advice says. Social media consultants get caught up in the industry. They (we) get caught up in the numbers that show us how effective we are being, and a simple like […]