Twitter Chats – Online Live Networking at #Linkedinchat

Once a week people get together on Twitter to talk about Linkedin, and the other night (Monday) I joined them for the first time. To be clear it wasn’t my first twitter chat/party, but it was my first time on the #Linkedinchat. I am so glad I went, and had a lot of fun. I think you should schedule yourself to come, too, but here’s why: Direct conversation with experts– […]

Does Facebook Marketing Really Work? Debunking Myths for Small Business Owners

Are you wondering: Will Facebook Marketing benefit MY business? The answer: It depends. Everyone is saying you have to be on social, but the truth is, you can’t just show up on Facebook, wing it and hope for the best, because chances are, it won’t work. It’s similar to running an ad in the newspaper, if you don’t research or have any idea of what to say, or where to […]

5 Options for Choosing a Social Media Manager

Who Should Be Your Social Media Manager? A major question to consider when you are getting ready to get active on social media, is who will handle your accounts. In my experience there are only a few options: You An employee – in house option A social media expert A marketing agency An intern, student or ‘kid’ The internet is full of opinions on who it should be, but it […]