Copywriting Cheat Sheet by Vertical Response – Infographic Review

vertical response infographic web copywritingI love cheatsheets, and I love infographics. I’ve always wanted to do a post on what I’ve learned from infographics and I thought this was the perfect opportunity. I apologize in advance if I did not give proper credit, and I can make changes immediately.

At the end of my thoughts on the infographic I did include a printable checklist of the contents with more links to Vertical Response. Vertical Response did a great job on this, and you should visit their site, subscribe to their feed, and follow them on Twitter & Facebook.

My Thoughts:
The words used in this infographic could be so much more useful if they came with examples. For instance; enticing, concise, contextual. I think these words are great for keeping the infographic from being crowded, but on the other hand, it makes it a bit less helpful to the average small business owner. Here’s hoping my thoughts help.

  • Enticing- to lead on by exciting hope or desire ( ex: Small Biz Technology suggests using a or Storify to create this kind of content easily for social media. In emails though, you could offer something that your reader would most likely want.
  • Impactful- having a great impact or effect. Basically this means you want your email to really stand out in your readers’ day, make it something they will think about, and ponder on. For instance an email discussing how your long awaited new book provides solutions to their biggest problems would be an enticing and impactful email.
  • Concise- expressing or covering much in few words. Keep your emails and other messages short whenever possible, people are always short on time, and you have their attention for only so long- use it wisely!
  • High-impact- I’m not really sure what they are going for here, as Impactful covered this.
  • Clear- obvious. Make it very obvious what you are trying to say in the email, no reading between the lines, no subtleties.
  • Action-oriented- tell them how and where to take action- also known as a Call to Action. Click here to subscribe now. Purchase my book for 10% Off Here, etc..
  • Personable- having an agreeable or pleasing personality. Come across as nice, informational, and friendly.
  • Contextual- depending on the context. For instance if all of your followers on Facebook are interested in social media, posting about your favorite star wars figures would not be contextual. Get Little Bird does a great job of explaining ‘contextual’ in this post.

Graphics– I have never been good at graphics, so I am always impressed. They did a great job and I love how easy this is to follow. My main question about the graphics in infographics is why aren’t they wider and less long, so you can see more of it at once?

Information– the data in this is perfect. I am not an expert copywriter but I have dabbled quite a bit, these are great guidelines to keep you on top of getting the most action from each piece you author.

Any words I missed, or meanings that should be expanded? Do you like the infographic (below)?

Online Copywriting Cheat Sheet- Vertical Response

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