Is Social Media The Right Place to Spend Your Digital Marketing Dollars?

Is Social Media The Right Place to Spend Your Digital Marketing Dollars?

Marketing dollars might be difficult to come by, and when you start to decide where to use┬áthem, any strategy gets even trickier. On top of that there is the division between the several types of marketing. It makes you wonder how to divide it, where to focus, where to test and when to stick with what already works. Obviously, if you are getting a good return on your investment in […]

4 Steps to Truly Amazing Social Media Results

4 Steps to Truly Amazing Social Media Results

Just a guess here, but I think you want more fans/followers on your social media accounts. Am I right? Who doesn’t? Even when we know that having more likes and follows doesn’t really mean anything, it is a start to a potentially beautiful relationship, so of course, the more the merrier. Since you know that you need want more likes, you are probably taking some action to get them. You […]

What’s In Your Blog Strategy?- Template Strategy Included

I recommend companies using social media for marketing have a blog on their websites. Besides all of the other pages on a website, a blog is an easy place to add news, articles, and other pieces of content. Blogs have been shown to improve search engine traffic, and bring return visitors back to your website. With the ease of setting up a blog, or even install WordPress on your […]

5 Ways To Encourage Social Media Employee Participation

Do you find it difficult to get other people in your company involved in social media? Maybe they think only one person should contribute, or maybe they don’t understand what their contribution should be. The people in your company who work most closely with clients and customers are the people that have the best information to use for social media. These are the people that: Deal with every day questions […]

Ask Not What Your Fans Can Do For You- More Social Media Strategy

Are you ready to take your Facebook marketing strategy to the next level? Do you want to get the benefits of being social, that everyone talks about? Then you are in the right spot. Today, we talk about what you are doing for your fans. Say what? What am I doing for my fans? What’s that got to do with anything? My fanpage is about my business, my store, my […]

You Call Yourself What?! Naming Your Fanpage or Twitter Profile

Are you looking for branding or exposure? This is the question you should consider when you set up your social media profiles, because the name you pick is going to help one way or another. Exposure For most businesses I help, I try to convince them to use a profile name that is identifiable for their industry. For instance, if you didn’t know Red Bull was an energy drink and […]

You Don’t Save Email Addresses?! Start Using Social for Email Marketing

Something that always surprises me is when a potential client says they have been in business for several years and have never kept track of email addresses of their past clients. I literally drop my jaw, because that is a GOLD MINE! How, though? Statistically past customers are much easier to convert to another sale than someone new to your business. That means you can take those email addresses and […]