Ask Not What Your Fans Can Do For You- More Social Media Strategy

twitter chatAre you ready to take your Facebook marketing strategy to the next level? Do you want to get the benefits of being social, that everyone talks about? Then you are in the right spot.

Today, we talk about what you are doing for your fans.

Say what? What am I doing for my fans? What’s that got to do with anything? My fanpage is about my business, my store, my service, right?

NO!! No, no, no!

Your fanpage, or any other social media account, is not for you. It’s for your fans, at least it is if you want to see all of the benefits, successful brands see.

You see, the companies that have the most success with social media are the ones that are there for their fans.

What I mean is, they do many of the following:

  1. Share articles their fans would enjoy reading
  2. Post pictures of products, sceneries, and funnies that entertain their fans
  3. Share pictures, and questions from fans
  4. Giveaway products/services to their fans just for being fans
  5. Host events and contests for their fans
  6. Get special deals for their fans with other companies that their fans enjoy
  7. Give discounts to participating fans in comments
  8. Entertain fans with themed fanpages or profiles
  9. Keep fans entertained, educated or engaged with regular updates
  10. Share links to contests, giveaways, discounts and other things fans will appreciate

These companies go out of their way to make sure their fans LOVE visiting and chatting with them on social media. And the rewards are INSANE!!


Well, you can answer that question, yourself.

When a company treats you as great as it sounds above, how does that make you feel? When they go out of their way to give to you, to help you with tips, and to make you happy, even when it sends you away from their selling opportunities, how do you feel about that brand?

Pretty great, right? I know I do.

That’s why you need to do the same thing for your fans. It’s time to go out of your way.

It’s time to: Ask not what your fans can do for you, but what you can do for your fans.

Let’s brainstorm!

You have a small local children’s store. Up until now you’ve been posting specials you have, pictures of new products, and news about your business. You get occasional questions, some likes, retweets, etc. But, starting today, you are ready to step it up.

Here’s How:

Step 1: Figure out who your fan or follower is?

What matters to them? Why do they do business with you?

Moms shop at your store because they want a nice place to shop, possibly with deals, good quality they can trust, and products their kids will enjoy, or products that make life easier. From this we can gather that they are moms that care about making life easier, dressing their kids with only the best, or making money stretch as far as possible, based on the store you have.

Now let’s build something for them.

Step 2: Give them something they’ll enjoy.

Host an event online or at your store, give away prizes, help them feel empowered and excited about something. Offer something no one else does, or has, that they will enjoy!

Here are some ideas:

  • Give them a place to share stories about their kids with other moms- they can come to the store once a month for moms night out, and get to know the other moms in the area.
  • Let them bring in their clothing and toys every couple of months to host a swap at your store, where left overs can be donated to charity. On the fanpage you can feature local deals you find on craigslist and facebook groups your moms are part of.
  • Do a weekly round up of the hottest children’s clothing brands with links to where moms can go to purchase them. Host an in store fashion show where you post the pics online and let fans vote for winners (try to make sure everyone wins something).
  • Do an online story hour for kids every week, and feature projects mom can do at home with the kids, pictures of the characters in your store (even just stuffed animals), along with pictures fans send in. Let moms download the story for viewing on ipod or listening in the car.
  • Host an online live auction on Facebook where you feature a local childrens charity and moms can donate used but in good condition items to be auctioned off. The mom who raises the most money wins a gift card to the store.

Step 3: Get their feedback.

Ask their opinions about what you are doing, and what you more you can do for them. Celebrate your fans, congratulate and reward them for their feedback and participation.

Celebrate Your Fans & Followers!

Step 4: Stay active.

Post everyday, answer every question, reply to every message.

You also want to plan ahead, keep them involved with any off internet activities that are going on, and be a cheerleader for what you are giving them. Be genuinely excited about what you give them, and they’ll be able to tell.

Step 5: Keep giving.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to make fans feel good about being connected with your business.

Take Aways!

Social media isn’t about marketing your store, service or company. It’s about connecting with your fans, doing something for them, and giving back to the community that supports you.

Remember to:

  • Share what they want to see.
  • Be honest with your fans.
  • Give them something to look forward to.
  • Care about them, and make them feel like they matter.

Get Help-

Are you ready to take your social success to the next level? I can help. Please email, or visit me on Twitter to learn more about how I can help you celebrate your fans. You can also check out mysocial media services to learn a bit more about what I provide.

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  1. I just don’t have the energy to do all this stuff. Maybe I should hire someone. But very well wrote, Mary. – Scott Craighead

    • It can be a lot, but using some tools and automation help. I enjoy doing it all, and do what I can to focus my energy on the activities that give back the most return. If you want maybe I can help you out. Let me know, and I’ll try to make it faster for you.


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