Zuum My Favorite New Social Media Tool for Facebook Fanpages

I collect social media tools. I have a bookmark folder with hundreds of them, if you can believe that. I love seeing what each one can do, how it might help me with campaigns, etc. For me it’s fun.

Yesterday I was going through Hootsuite‘s plugins. During our weekly #linkedinchat Andy Jenkins mentioned a plugin he was using called LeadSift that integrates with Hootsuite. While I was looking through plugins I came across Zuum Social.

You might remember that I’ve told people for some time to use Facebook as a fanpage and like other pages, participate on those pages by leaving comments, liking comments, etc, and you will increase likes this way.


Facebook doesn’t let you see all of the fanpages that you like in your fanpage newsfeed. They decide what comes through and usually it’s a lot of the same fanpages. That doesn’t help when you are trying to use this strategy.

It means you have to keep track of active fanpages another way, either through bookmarks, or remembering a small list to check on daily. Until now!!

With Zuum Social, you can type your topic in, and other fanpage updates come up. Now, as long as you are logged into Facebook as your fanpage, you can click several of these, go visit, leave your comments (contributing to the conversation, of course), and move on to the next one.

Free Zuum Social Media Tool


This should help you save time. I have found that waiting for each fanpage to load in Facebook, when pulling from my bookmarks was a waste of time, because I had to find their updates (if they had anything new) and come up with something to say.

This is equivalent to several updates from many fanpages that I can easily click one, and be done in seconds.

You should know that Zuum Social has other features, but I’m not sure what they are offering. On their website, there is a demo sign up form, which leads me to believe this is an Enterprise solution.

On Hootsuite though, the feature is free. Here’s how you get it:

  • Login
  • Click Add Stream
  • Click Apps in the bottom left of the pop up
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the list of apps
  • Click Get More Apps
  • Scroll through the list to Zuum
  • Install App
  • Click Finish

Now go to that tab in Hootsuite and start playing with the options, to set it up with the topic you want to participate in on Facebook.

Tell Me!!

Once you’ve tried it out, do you find it useful? Have you played with the features to select posts with more engagement or less engagement? Which works best for you?

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  1. Hey Mary,
    Looks cool, I’m going to try it out!

  2. Hey Mary,

    I’ve installed the app but I’m not getting any results. Were you successful in getting any?



    • Hi Jordan,
      I don’t think the app works when you are using the secure Hootsuite connection, or you might have to refresh your page to get it to load. Sorry I missed this comment, please let me know if you can’t get it to work.


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