Does Facebook Marketing Really Work? Debunking Myths for Small Business Owners

Are you wondering: Will Facebook Marketing benefit MY business? The answer: It depends. Everyone is saying you have to be on social, but the truth is, you can’t just show up on Facebook, wing it and hope for the best, because chances are, it won’t work. It’s similar to running an ad in the newspaper, if you don’t research or have any idea of what to say, or where to […]

18 Ideas to Grow Your Facebook Fanbase

In order to get anything out of your social media campaigns, you have to have a fanbase to work with. If you have 10 fans, it simply isn’t enough to engage, no matter how many questions you ask or pictures you share, you just won’t reach enough people. Growing isn’t easy, but it is necessary, so I encourage clients to do two things: 1- Have a budget for growing your […]

Is Facebook Worth It for Small Businesses?

Facebook, for so long has been the GO TO place for social media. Your offline friends and family are no doubt on Facebook, and I believe the latest number I saw was 90% or more of online American adults have an account, half of which use it everyday. It makes sense that a website with 1 billion accounts would be the place that every business wants to be, because, quite […]

Why Fans Like Your Fanpage & How to Use This Info To Get More Likes- MarketingProfs

Marketing Profs is one of my favorite places to learn more about marketing. They have true experts that provide classes, downloads, webinars, pdfs, etc, and it is all great information. When I recently signed up for one of their free classes on Facebook called “Cracking the Code- Caring is Sharing”. I was interested in seeing what I could learn about the topic, because regardless of how many hours a day […]

5 Steps to a Facebook Strategy for Small Business

It’s hard to ignore a website with 1 billion users (over half of which are active everyday) when you have a small business. While I wouldn’t advise everyone to be socially active unless they have met the prerequisites, if you have some time to work on it every day, this is a great place to start. But I wouldn’t recommend starting without a facebook strategy for small business. Small Business […]

Increase Your Facebook Reach by 100% Starting Today

I am an administrator on about 10 active fanpages, and lately I have been watching the Facebook reach numbers. There were several updates last year that seemed to make a big difference in who saw your updates, and while early numbers were reporting 16%, they didn’t seem to distinguish between the different types of updates. Since then some experts have released information saying that all text updates get more reach, […]

3 Rules for Successful Facebook Comment Moderation

My Facebook newsfeed page is set up to show my favorite fanpages on the left side of the page, I have all of the fanpages I moderate favorited there so that I am immediately able to see if there are any notifications I should look at for facebook comment moderation. You probably notice that any comments you get on pictures, links and posts will go to notifications, or you can […]