How I Increased Engagement Over 100% In One Month

A client came to asking for a social media guru, about a year ago. At the time I had just started Social Media Fuze, so I did not feel like a guru, nor did I like the word. It implies someone knows everything about a topic, and as you know social media changes everyday, no one knows everything about it. Besides the fact that I didn’t feel like I was […]

Zuum My Favorite New Social Media Tool for Facebook Fanpages

I collect social media tools. I have a bookmark folder with hundreds of them, if you can believe that. I love seeing what each one can do, how it might help me with campaigns, etc. For me it’s fun. Yesterday I was going through Hootsuite‘s plugins. During our weekly #linkedinchat Andy Jenkins mentioned a plugin he was using called LeadSift that integrates with Hootsuite. While I was looking through plugins […]

Don’t You Wish Your Fanpage Was Hot Like This? Kiwi Crate’s Facebook

I’ve been meaning to write more blog posts about companies I see doing social media well. I’m hoping it will help small businesses such as retail stores expand their ideas, and get even better at connecting through social media. This week I’d like to share a favorite fanpage of mine- Kiwi Crate. Let’s Jump In! The Kiwi Crate fanpage Kiwi Crate is a monthly kids’ package with fun activities. Every […]

A Successful Fanpage Contest Begins with the Right Applications

It continues to amaze me, the fanpage owners that run contests on Facebook without following the rules. Thousands never take the time to read the terms of use for using Facebook and are at risk of losing their fanpage every time they run a promotion, without a fanpage contest application. Examples of fanpage contests putting small businesses at risk: Like us to enter Send in a photo to enter Share […]

Facebook for Business- Important Posts Every Fanpage Owner Should Read

Facebook can be a great place for businesses to connect with customers and potential customers, but it isn’t always easy for people who are new to using Facebook for business to figure out what they need to do. Hopefully this post will help all Fanpage Owners. Create Facebook Business Fanpage– In this post, we go over how to set up your fanpage, this is a great walk through if you […]

Brace Yourself- 5 Reasons You Won’t Get The Facebook Results You Want!

The most commonly purchased service in social media, is content. Updates for profiles and fanpages, pictures shared, etc. This is just the basics that companies hope will engage more fans to take action. Unfortunately, for most companies this does not turn out to be successful, and here is why. You Have No Followers You need a lot of followers, especially on Facebook, to get the results you want. At the […]

Why Are There Fewer Likes on More Fanpages?

How many likes does your fanpage have? More importantly (to this post) how many of likes have you grown in the last year? While I’ve been actively handling fanpages in social media for a few years now, I only started my own fanpage late last fall, and since then it has grown rather slowly. Mostly because I spend most of my ‘work’ time on client accounts making sure they are […]