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Marketing Profs is one of my favorite places to learn more about marketing. They have true experts that provide classes, downloads, webinars, pdfs, etc, and it is all great information.

When I recently signed up for one of their free classes on Facebook called “Cracking the Code- Caring is Sharing”.

I was interested in seeing what I could learn about the topic, because regardless of how many hours a day I spend on Facebook, everyone has their own technique, strategy, and trick they use to make it work for them, and there is always something to learn.

At the 10th slide into their class, there was a rather interesting list of reasons that people like your fanpage, and I thought a post on this information would be extremely useful to other small businesses who are trying to get more ‘likes’.

I am hoping it is legal to rehash their information into my own words and use my own ideas throughout, but I will gladly remove this post if MarketingProfs finds any issue at all.

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Most Common Reason for a Like- They Care About Your Company
The top of the list at 39% was about showing support for the company (ie:fanpage) to others, such as their friends who will see who they like.

This is great as it lines up perfectly with the new change Facebook is making where they post in friend newsfeeds when someone likes a new fanpage- yay virality!!

The update will show both pics of the profile and the cover of the fanpage, so keep these images relevant and updated (but not with too much text- ugh, the rules go on and on)

The Freebie and Exclusive Content- What’s in it for them?
This is a controversial topic, some people (usually those who have several thousands of likes) think you shouldn’t offer a freebie because then that person really isn’t interested in your company or updates but rather getting something for free.

I disagree and think if you have something to offer for free and they want it, there is no reason not to get the like, it’s a perfect way to introduce your quality to social users. On the MarketingProfs list they site that 36% of people like a fanpage for the freebie.

Another 25% said they like fanpages for the exclusive content, which to me sounds very similar to those who like for a freebie (giveaway, contest, etc). I would group these two together because they are actually getting something more tangible for their like than the other reasons.

About the Company
I found it interesting that 34% follow a fanpage to get updates about the company’s activities- note: they really care about what they company is doing, how the company is doing.

New Products & Sales (of course)- Think Profits!!
33% and 30% follow to be updated of new products (I’m thinking like Apple’s iPad mini) and sales. I like these reasons most as they indicate these users will stay on top of Following the company with the new Following feature on Facebook.

Similar to the Pages feed, there will be a more prodominant “Following” section of public figures, brands and companies. I think these users will use this feature most actively.

Just for Fun- Entertainment
If you like silly and funny pages like so many of us do, you will understand why 29% like a fanpage- to laugh. I know I love comedy and humor, and I actually look forward to my friends posting updates they have found funny.

Recommendations, Learning, Education & Interacting
The last 4 reason fell into the fanpage being recommended by someone (22%), to learn more about a company (21%), to learn more about company topics- I think this would be considered content marketing (13%), and to interact with the company (13%).

Conclusion to Why Fans Like Your Fanpage
I find it very interesting to think about the reasons people actually follow a fanpage on Facebook.

From looking at these reasons I draw the conclusion that people must really like these companies to follow them, because they want to show their support, stay up to date about their favorite companies, get information on new products and know when there will be sales, so they can spend money.

Knowing all of this, how can you use this information to more accurately provide what your fans want, and how you can get them to give you the like when you know what motivates them?

Have you ever taken a course with MarketingProfs? I’ve considered becoming a yearly member and would love to, but I would like to hit a certain monetary goal first. Here is a link to the actual course, and inside the course above you can get a $200 savings on Cracking the Facebook Code. Let me know if you love it @marygreenim on Twitter

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