Copywriting Cheat Sheet by Vertical Response – Infographic Review

I love cheatsheets, and I love infographics. I’ve always wanted to do a post on what I’ve learned from infographics and I thought this was the perfect opportunity. I apologize in advance if I did not give proper credit, and I can make changes immediately. At the end of my thoughts on the infographic I did include a printable checklist of the contents with more links to Vertical Response. Vertical […]

7 Social Media Hacks for Hubspot and Inbound Marketing Agencies

As I was looking at the list of 38 Fantastic Inbound Marketing Blogs You Should Be Following today, I came across several options that inbound marketing agencies could really take advantage of, but might not be, with each of the sites I went to. You see, I love inbound marketing and I read about it everyday. My entire background is inbound marketing, but I love social media too, and I […]

5 Ways To Get More Traffic with Social Media on Hubspot

If you use Hubspot you know there are a lot of options inside the interface that can help your business. One majorly overlooked area is the Social Media area of Hubspot, in the several clients I have worked with, their social media efforts are lacking, while they focus on content and SEO. I’ve already covered the importance of social media in inbound marketing, but today we are going to look at […]

3 of Social Media’s Roles in Inbound Marketing

There are several reasons and benefits to using social media as part of your online marketing strategy. But why is it used specifically with inbound marketing, why should you use it, how can you tell it works, what does Hubspot suggest? 3 of the Roles Social Media in Inbound Marketing 1. Social media = permission marketing When you get a like, follow or plus that person is saying I like […]

Tips for How to Use Social Media with Hubspot- Promoting Blog Posts

Hubspot is the top educational leader and platform in inbound marketing and they do an amazing job. Almost everyday you can find more information on how to improve use of blogging, SEO, social media, and email marketing. But when small business owners are busy and trying to quickly get their blog posts out, they make a serious mistake with social media promotion, and thereby lose a lot of traction with […]