Laveingg Facebook- Why You Should Consider Twitter

Laveingg Facebook- Why You Should Consider Twitter

In my last post, I covered the reasons I think companies should stay active on Facebook. But, staying on Facecbook isn’t what is best for everyone- not everyone has the time, resources, and interest. For some, there are better results in other places and I can respect that. What Are The Options Beyond Facebook? But with that in mind, what are your options? There are several social media sites you […]

What Twitter Activites Should You Participate In?

On this blog we’ve discussed the pros and cons of Facebook several times, one of the biggest cons is that businesses, or fanpages, are not able to reach out to fans, but on Twitter that all changes. With over 500 million tweeps or Twitter users and the ability to reach out to anyone, Twitter is ideal for small businesses. But beyond signing up, and setting up your profile, what Twitter […]

18 Ideas to Grow Your Facebook Fanbase

In order to get anything out of your social media campaigns, you have to have a fanbase to work with. If you have 10 fans, it simply isn’t enough to engage, no matter how many questions you ask or pictures you share, you just won’t reach enough people. Growing isn’t easy, but it is necessary, so I encourage clients to do two things: 1- Have a budget for growing your […]

New Social Networks Your Business Needs to Adopt NOW

As Facebook seems to be upsetting more and more users, several of them are looking at other options for using social media. The one thing that Facebook has been able to sustain so far though, is that everyone is there, making it difficult for some to leave. Instead of just leaving Facebook though, many are adopting additional/new social networks and small businesses should follow suit and do the same. Is […]

Curate Content to Get Real Twitter Followers

A couple of months ago I listened to Dan Zarrella on the Science of Social Media. It was an older webinar, but it still had a lot of great information. In fact, about a month after I saw the one that was a couple of years old, he held a newer one with some of the same information. During the webinar, he mentioned that user accounts on Twitter that tweeted […]

Why Fans Like Your Fanpage & How to Use This Info To Get More Likes- MarketingProfs

Marketing Profs is one of my favorite places to learn more about marketing. They have true experts that provide classes, downloads, webinars, pdfs, etc, and it is all great information. When I recently signed up for one of their free classes on Facebook called “Cracking the Code- Caring is Sharing”. I was interested in seeing what I could learn about the topic, because regardless of how many hours a day […]

15 Ways to Increase Awareness of Your Business On Social Media

Marketing is often a numbers game, and I think that is the reason so many people want more, More, MORE followers, fans, traffic and email addresses, because the higher the number of people you get your message in front of, the more likely you are to get results. While I stress the importance of building a followers list of targeted, interested people, there is something to be said for getting […]