15 Ways to Increase Awareness of Your Business On Social Media

Marketing is often a numbers game, and I think that is the reason so many people want more, More, MORE followers, fans, traffic and email addresses, because the higher the number of people you get your message in front of, the more likely you are to get results.

While I stress the importance of building a followers list of targeted, interested people, there is something to be said for getting as many people as possible as long as you are going after a group that is likely to be interested in your products or services.

With that in mind, I write today’s post on simple ways to increase awareness of your business on social media.

Activities to do for Your Business on Social Media Platforms

  1. Post Everywhere– Start posting your social media link, on everything you do.
  2. Email signatures– these can look beautiful these days with programs like WiseStamp.
  3. Forum profiles– if there is space to include your Facebook page, Twitter profile, etc, take the extra few seconds and include them.
  4. Skype profile link– edit your profile to share your website, it will be useful in business discussions.
  5. Short Guide– whitepapers and other downloads are popular, and there is no reason you can’t include a few social media links in them, in addition to your website.
  6. Guest Posts– guest posts are great opportunities to get links to your website, and increase your exposure, getting a social media like is sometimes easier than getting an email, so this could be a good option especially if the post allows for more than one link.
  7. Invoices– if you ship anything in the mail, you can easily add your social link, just to let people know you are active on social media.
  8. Promotional Gifts– some companies give away promotional items to increase awareness of their services or products, there is usually more than enough room to put a social media promotion or mention (the @ on twitter) on the item with the rest of your information.
  9. Cell phone signature– you’ve seen “Sent from Mary’s iPhone” before, right?
  10. Craigslist ads– some companies regularly advertise on Craigslist, why not add your social media links as well?
  11. eBay– another place to put your social media name, to be able to connect with interested parties again in the future.
  12. Signs– if you have a store or other location where people normally visit you, post a sign, or a QR code to show them you are active on social media.
  13. Events– At webinars, live events, everywhere (did I mention everywhere?) you can, let people know you are there.
  14. Press Releases– Most press distribution services have an area to post your link, why not add your social links and see if you get more followers than visitors to your website.
  15. Article marketing– Hyperlink your social names in your profile, as anchor text, to increase branding of your social username and get more followers.

Option- If your profile is new or you are running a campaign to get more social media exposure, you can switch out your regular website link in a lot of the places you normally have the link, then switch back when your campaign has died down.

The more you put your social username out there, the more followers you are going to get. Is there any place you’ve posted that others should add to their list of where to share their names? What has worked for you?

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