How to Spend More Time on Facebook and Get More Followers

Are you trying to get more visitors to your fanpage? Do you want more likes, but you can’t seem to get people to come like you? It happens, but there are things you can do to get results. The secret is to spend more on Facebook doing the things that bring results.

What that means is spend time engaging on Facebook. You see, most business owners who have a fanpage will logon once a day and place an update to their followers. Some will go as far as responding to all of their notifications, then, they leave to finish other work, but let me ask you: Who are you talking to when you do this? Your followers, right? Exactly

Aren’t you looking for MORE FOLLOWERS? Now, don’t get me wrong, you definitely want to engage with your followers, but this doesn’t necessarily help you grow. What helps you grow is your followers talking to or about you, and you getting infront of people who are not already your followers.

How to get more followers:

1- Your followers respond to your messages and it shows to their friends in the ticker area of facebook
2- You get in front of people who are not your followers but would be good candidates to be your followers

We are going to focus on #2 with this post.

How to find people that are likely to follow you:
1- Search for fanpages they would like. For instance, if they are mothers to newborns, they will probably like Pampers, Huggies, Playtex, Medela, etc. If they are chefs they might like recipe fanpages.
2- Make sure you are Using Facebook as your fanpage.
3- Make a list of related pages to visit daily.
4- Visit them and respond to visitors.
5- Visit visitor fanpages, and leave them feedback, begin a conversation, and relationship.

This is one of the biggest reasons social media can be so time consuming and cost a lot of money up front. As someone builds relationships on your behalf there is a lot of time spent seeking out people who would be interested in your products and services and connecting with them.

We provide this service as part of our social media packages, if you ever want to hire someone to do this on your behalf, we just ask that you keep us in mind.

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