0% Organic Reach on Facebook- Will This Be You?


I posted this on my fanpage and a friend of mine loved it and suggested I share it on my blog. I really want to know- what do you think? Should companies prepare for the day when organic reach will effectively be Zero, on Facebook? A recent Ad Age article states this and I don’t [...]

4 Tactics to Generate Killer Titles For Your Blog

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BLOG.. everyone is telling their customers to blog. I do it, most of the experts I follow do it. It’s the perfect way to get more exposure for your company, and show your potential clients what you are all about. But what do you blog about? What should you say in your blog? How do [...]

5 Social Media Blogs You Should Be Reading

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A few weeks ago Social Media Examiner launched their post on the top 10 social media blogs. It is a contest they run each year and it’s fun to watch. It’s been a work in progress that included weeks of voting, and then another week or more of narrowing down the votes. I was happy [...]

Get My Notes From Social Media Marketing World


Would you like to get the notes from dozens of social media experts talks- without having to show up? I’ll do it for you! On Friday Social Media Examiner announced a virtual pass to their Social Media Marketing World event at the end of March. While I had been hoping to make it in person- [...]

7 Reasons ‘Facebook Fraud’ is Seriously Flawed

Facebook Fraud is Flawed

You’ve probably seen the 9 minute ‘Facebook Fraud’┬ávideo by Veritasium. I’ll just say I love his videos, they are entertaining, educational and refreshening (or quality content in case you’ve seen my recent tweets). But, I’ve been asked my opinion on ‘Facebook Fraud’, so I wanted to put it out there. In all reality I agree [...]

5 Reasons Facebook Tricks Are Bad for Business


One of the most popular posts on my site is Facebook Hack- My Trick for Facebook Likes, but it isn’t really a trick. It’s more of an idea of how to find fanpage communities on Facebook and leverage them to get more followers for your own fanpage. People like tricks, it makes them feel like [...]

Buffer App Adds Facebook Groups for Admins

I just got an email from BufferApp saying they finally have access to Facebook groups for Buffer. You know Buffer is one of my favorite tools for social media, because it is super easy to send a quick update to several places at once, and it queues your updates as well- best of both worlds. [...]

WordPress vs Hubspot for Blogging- Which Is Better?


Hubspot is the leading inbound marketing software. It’s not often I speak to someone who hasn’t heard of it, due to their active education on the topics that surround it, and I’m sure companies that can afford the price sign up when they are ready to begin inbound marketing. I love Hubspot, the analytics are [...]

11 Tips To Provide Clients With Higher Quality Content

Write Content That Evokes Action

As a content provider, over the past 8 years I’ve written blog posts for a variety of agencies and their clients. Combining this experience with my love of inbound marketing, I’ve come up with a few tips I think will help agencies and other writers provide quality content on behalf of their end clients. Inbound [...]

5 Social Media Benefits to Blogging

Getting results from social media can mean more traffic for your website, a bigger fanbase, more sales for products, or more awareness for your brand. Every company that is considering social media needs to define their own goals. Once they have defined their goals, it’s time to consider using blogging to enhance the results. How [...]