6 Hour Social Media Strategy for Inbound Marketing Agencies & Clients


Would your inbound marketing clients be interested in more leads, conversions and higher ROI? Of course they would. And, wouldn’t it be great to know these same clients would be singing your praises, sending referrals and more than happy to sign their next contract? Your agency is in business to make money, to sell inbound […]

How to Choose Which Linkedin Discussion Groups to Join

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You get 50 groups to join on Linkedin, but how do you decide which groups to join? Let me help by explaining a group strategy I use to make the most of my time on Linkedin. First off, not all of the groups I join are industry specific, this is where several people go wrong. […]

5 Reasons to Join Linkedin Groups

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Linkedin, is the best social media platform for businesses. Whether you are in business to work with other businesses or you are in business to sell to consumers, you can benefit from your involvement on Linkedin. One of the many reasons I enjoy Linkedin is because of the groups there. There are groups on every […]

Hootsuite vs Hubspot – Two Different But Often Confused Tools


Last week I was talking to a potential client. They wanted to learn more about social media and how they could use Twitter to get more exposure for their brand. We were talking about Hootsuite (the very commonly used social media tool) when he asked, “Should I just use Hubspot?” This isn’t the first time […]

A Guide to Abandoning Facebook Fanpages


As more small and personal businesses realize they aren’t getting the reach they want from Facebook, I’ve come across countless abandoned Facebook fanpages. From non-profits, to marketing agencies, authors and internet tools, company after company seems to be either stepping up their Facebook marketing by advertising (pay to play), or abandoning their fanpage for another […]