Why Does Social Media Cost So Much?

Why Does Social Media Cost So Much?

Posting an update on a fan page seems fairly easy.  After learning to schedule updates ahead of time, an organization might feel like it can go weeks at a time not having to worry about what to post.   In fact, most social media networks are simple to work on, if there is enough time to do it, so why then does a social media manager, strategist or specialist cost so […]

5 Factors of Success Beyond Social Media ROI

5 Factors of Success Beyond Social Media ROI

Have you heard the horror stories about how social media doesn’t work? Huge corporations have spent millions on social campaigns only to throw in the towel and say it wasn’t producing a return on investment. I’m not going to argue with these companies, they have highly talented people and I don’t believe their lack of success has anything to do with skill. What does it have to do with? Maybe […]

10 Variables To Consider for a Social Media Marketing Budget

Social media, like any other form of advertising or marketing, can not simply be funded without caps and return on investment playing a role. Crafting a budget for social media is different for every company based on several elements that vary across the board, because of the time and money investment necessary depending on the size of the brand. Fortunately, most of these variables exist for every business considering social media for […]

Newsflash- Your Company Is Already On Social Media & It Is Affecting Business As Usual

Some social media experts are surprised by business owners who aren’t paying attention to social media. They are surprised that these companies are missing out on the opportunities, ignoring the chance to connect with customers, be part of the word of mouth about their products and services, etc. I’m surprised companies don’t realize they’re already on social media. Regardless of whether a company gives social media the  time of day, […]

7 Reasons Social Media Experts Say No and For Good Reason

When one of my earliest social media clients instructed me to delete negative comments on their fanpage, I did my best to educate them on why they shouldn’t. It didn’t work, and shortly after, they decided to move on to a more complicent social media manager. The relationship didn’t work out. Not because there weren’t results, there were. I took their sales from $0 social media (just Facebook) related sales […]

Find and Hire Social Media Experts- Interview Questions Included

The word expert denotes someone who knows everything about a topic, or at least that is what most of us envision. Actually though, expert means someone who has a skill set from training or experience. An interesting perspective about ‘experts’ is that the more a professional is seen as an expert, the less they feel like an expert. A consumer considers an expert to be someone who can answer all […]

Why Your Social Media Expert Needs an Advertising Budget

The misconception that social media is free gives people the indication that they shouldn’t have to, or at least don’t plan to, spend money on Facebook, Twitter, etc. From a business perspective, it’s nice to have that ‘free’ place to market, but in no way does it actually cost nothing to have a presence on social media. For an example, let’s look at Facebook. Social Media is NOT Free It […]