New Social Networks Your Business Needs to Adopt NOW

As Facebook seems to be upsetting more and more users, several of them are looking at other options for using social media. The one thing that Facebook has been able to sustain so far though, is that everyone is there, making it difficult for some to leave. Instead of just leaving Facebook though, many are adopting additional/new social networks and small businesses should follow suit and do the same. Is […]

Prerequisites for Your Social Media Campaign

Not every business is ready to start a social media campaign, even if you want to. While sites all over the internet are telling you to get on facebook, twitter and linkedin, there are some other things you should have in place first. Let’s discuss: Questions You Should Answer Prior to Starting a Social Media Campaign What is my goal? How do I want to use social media? Who will […]

3 Steps to Building Relationships with Social Influencers

Do you have a good relationship with social influencers in your industry? Do you know who they are, are you following them on Twitter? Do you actually read/see their tweets? If you are like other small businesses on Twitter, you might spend a few minutes here and there dabbling in tweets, following who you think is important, and promoting your own links. There are a million blog posts out there […]

3 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Part of being successful in social media is using a strategy to get the results you have in mind. Whether you are active on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest or others it’s best to have some steps to follow that logically lead you to your goals. You wouldn’t drive across country without having some kind of map to go with, right? The same should apply for your business ventures. How to […]

How to Stay Likeable In a Sales World

When I a begin working with a client, one of the first results they ask about is when they can see a return. While I take the time to educate them, and to explain that it takes time (3-6 months) to see the results they are looking for, there is always that pressure of performing quickly to keep them happy. I am assuming if you have your own small business […]

Daily Social Media Template- Make Campaigns Easy

Daily Social Media Template- Make Campaigns Easy

I have several clients that I take care of social media for, and I was looking for a way to make it easy to remember which I had done each day. It can get confusing really quickly. I also noticed that I get a lot of visitors looking for templates for social media, I am assuming to find a checklist of what to do, and how often. From this need, […]

15 Ways to Increase Awareness of Your Business On Social Media

Marketing is often a numbers game, and I think that is the reason so many people want more, More, MORE followers, fans, traffic and email addresses, because the higher the number of people you get your message in front of, the more likely you are to get results. While I stress the importance of building a followers list of targeted, interested people, there is something to be said for getting […]