10 Brilliant Tips to Increase Impact of Social Media for SEO

Social Media for SEO Tips

Social Media for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is something like water for a fish. These two tightly bound strategies go hand in hand and work together for improved results. Every business puts great efforts in SEO and Social Media for earning higher search rankings.

So, how social media is going to influence your SEO?

This is one of the key elements that a business must pay attention to. Your solid social presence doubles your efforts by taking you to the higher search engine rankings.

Here is a list of 10 worthy tips that will surely boost your SEO results using social media.

·       Increase Your Followers Count

The foremost thing to work on while implementing social media for SEO is to grow your followers base. A social media profile with a high number of real followers results in higher search rankings.

These followers not only connect to your page, in fact, they interacting with you and your content in some form. This works as a proof for Google that how much that social profile is active, how often the updates are being posted, at what frequency people are engaging with that page. Such elements altogether influence the overall rankings of a brand.

You must expand the follower count organically as bringing bot accounts or fake followers will not only penalize you by Google but will hurt your reputation as well.

Our 6 Tips to Get More Twitter Followers for example will help you building a strong and authentic social presence on Twitter. And the followers in return will engage with you by getting involved in comments or taking part in interactive campaigns.

·       Improve Link Building With Social Media for SEO

Google has always preferred high-quality links as one of the significant ranking factors. Using social media greatly aids in this regard. Inserting links to your website on social media accounts (in varied form) will drive more traffic to your site resulting in increased search rankings.

If your social post was reposted or shared by many people, your links added on social channels would be considered high web authority by search engines. But you may only have a small fan base and don’t get many shares. You can try some services like Buy Real Twitter Followers And Shares.

·       Link to High Authority Third-Party Articles

Social media leverages on the external inbound linking from third-party websites and you will have more chances to have others links to your site. As much diverse high-quality external links point to your site, that much you are considered authoritative by Google.

For this purpose, you must focus on producing content that is high-quality and engaging that people are compelled to share on their social profiles. As much the content gets shared, that much you will have external links to your site leading to increased rankings.

·       Include Relevant Hashtags On Social Media For SEO

You must pay heeds to make your content findable. As more people can easily find it, the more it will get shared. And hashtags are the saviors for expanding the reach of your content. Include relevant hashtags while posting updates, links or announcements, so the content is easily findable leading to the improved search rankings.

·       Make Content Searchable In Social Media For SEO

There is an option on social channels to keep your stuff private. But as a business, you must make your stuff searchable. So, you should check the option that asks you to make your posts searchable in the search engine.

When your posts are easily searched, more people will see and share them. And obviously, it leads to increased search rankings.

For instance, you must make sure “Page Visibility” is public, and the “Country Restrictions” and “Age Restrictions” are removed unless it is required by laws.

social media SEO tips

·       Optimize Posts With Keywords

Another great approach to improve your SEO through social media is top optimize your posts with right keywords. Obviously, it is a keyword that a user enters in the search engine to find the required results.

So, optimizing your posts with target keywords will increase the chances of being ranked higher in search engines. Like, you can include target keywords in your Facebook posts while sharing links to your blog posts or new products.

Similarly, the keywords can be used while naming the pins or boards on Pinterest. Adding keywords in your posts on social channels will not only make your content searchable but increases the SEO results as well.

·       Have Strong Local Presence On Social Media for SEO:

It is also very crucial to build an engaging presence in your local community so that you may drive local traffic to your site. You can do this through different ways. One straightforward way is to have a local listing on Google+ by including your business name, address and other relevant information.

Moreover, you must include the map of your business location on the Facebook profile as well. So, the customers will easily find you. This enhances the results of your local SEO. Another way to build your local presence is to get involved with the local community on social channels.

social media SEO tips for business

If you have recently attended or arranged seminars, workshops etc. then share pictures on your social profiles. So, the local community will directly get engaged with you. Similarly, you can look for related businesses or players in the local community. Get in touch with them by sharing their posts or through guest blogging on their sites.

·       Get More Positive Reviews

When a user searched for a product/service on Google, the search engine shows the businesses with highest positive reviews at the top. In this regard, again social SEO can be utilized. Having more reviews on Google+ will make your brand credible in the eyes of Google.

Similarly, you can ask your customers to leave reviews about your business on Facebook as well. So, when one looks at your social profiles with more positive reviews, it enhances your brand’s trustworthy image.

·       Offer Rewards To Get More Shares

By attaining more shares, likes, re-tweets and comments, you show Google that people trust your brand. Therefore, it is significant to boost your shares and likes on social channels. But your followers sometimes want something in return.

Offering any kind of reward in return for increasing the reach of a post will compel the followers to engage with your brand. You can offer freebies, such as ebooks and download, or coupons and discounts on sharing a post or referring your page.

get more shares on social media

Similarly, the interactive posts like contests and quizzes that offer prizes for winners also motivate the followers to take part. So, you will have more comments, shares resulting in an increased outreach that further results in improved SEO results.

·       User-Generated Content Boosts Engagement

In order to get an unsurpassed user engagement on social media, the user-generated content is the best practice to pursue with. A user-generated content is the one that gets the real followers involved.

For example, you can ask your followers to share their pictures using your product. This will produce tons of ready-made content for you. And it automatically increases your engagement with followers that greatly influences your SEO results.

A great example can be witnessed through the social media campaign of popular designer brand Marc Jacobs. The campaign announced the brand is going to select models for their upcoming advertising campaign through Twitter and Instagram.

user engagement on social media

So, the fashionistas all over the world massively participated in the campaign and posted their photos along with the inclusion of the hashtag #CastMeMarc. This is definitely a brilliant example of increased user engagement with user-generated content.


Practicing these tips will surely prove you the impact of social media on SEO results. Keep a natural and consistent player while executing the social media strategy and you will have kickass SEO results in the form of increased rankings and higher traffic.

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