3 Tips for More Conversation on Twitter

Depositphotos_3469473_mIf you’ve been on Twitter for awhile, you probably already have some followers, that’s great, right?

You might be getting a response or two, maybe even a few clicks on your links, but what can you do to get even more results from Twitter?

More Updates– If you want to get more responses, add more updates. Right now you might be only posting when you have a minute here or there, but you can schedule updates, and then just check in regularly to make sure you respond to any connection opportunities.

Remember Who Your Follower Is– The easiest way to get more results is to provide updates your follower wants to see. Think about what they want to read, what helps them, what news they will want to see, etc.

Respond Yourself– It seems simple enough, but it’s actually scary for a lot of people. They don’t mind writing the updates others will read, but responding to someone elses’ posts seems different.

What do you say, how do you say it, how do you make it fit in 140 characters. Practice makes perfect, and don’t worry if someone doesn’t write back immediately, they might have scheduled updates, too.

Do you have more tips to add? Or questions to ask, we are here to help, post your comments below.

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  1. I’ve always found asking questions is a great way to get responses and conversations going on Twitter, simple things like a “vs” question or even silly things like “Should I wear a blue or white top today?”

    Tweeps like to get involved and they love it even more when you reply to their replies 😉

    • So true, Karen. People just want to connect. It’s funny that from the outside someone may not know what to say so they say nothing. But saying anything is a start, talk to people like they are your friends, or just start talking!! Thank you for the comment, can’t wait to check out your website.


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