Getting More From Linkedin- The Ultimate Guide

Getting More From Linkedin- Ultimate GuideEvery time I visit Linkedin, I learn more about the opportunities there for my business.

I see people conversing, asking questions, posting their blog post links and I discover new tools that save me time and money.

Weidert Group Inbound Marketing Agency
The other day I got an email from Weidert Group, an Inbound Marketing Agency in Wisconsin, about their new Ultimate Guide to Linkedin.

I get a LOT of social media related emails (probably a couple hundred a day) but Weidert is one of the Inbound companies that sticks out to me as a company that produces great content, so I went to their site and signed up for the download.

I have to be honest, I don’t always get to read everything I download. I come across several a day and I try to be selective but it doesn’t always work. I immediately added the PDF to my Dropbox hoping I would access it from my phone or Kindle later on. Luckily I had time last night to go through the whole thing.

15 Pages of the Ultimate Guide to Linkedin by Weidert
At just 15 pages I figured it would be a quick read and it was. Some of the pages were a bit longer than I would like, but that mostly has to do with my obsession with readability, some of the paragraphs were long and that discourages people from reading.

But I was really happy with the content. I discovered a Linkedin Expert that I hadn’t heard of yet, and learned about the etiquette of using Linkedin I didn’t know.

Linkedin Blog Link Posts Etiquette
For instance, I have always shared my links from my blog posts, but I never realized how promotional this looks. While I do get some traffic from Linkedin, the guide taught me that if I tie it in with other conversations on Linkedin, I wouldn’t come across as self promotional, and hopefully I will get a better response. I rarely got a comment before.

Finding Linkedin Groups to Join
For months I’ve had trouble finding quality groups to join on Linkedin. I’ve emailed other experts and haven’t received responses, or I’ve been told I am searching too broad. The best tip I did receive was to check a group’s stats first, but that is time consuming when you want to be a part of up to 50 groups.

Inside the Ultimate Guide to Linkedin, there are 3 new tips to finding groups and I can’t wait to try these.

I think the Weidert group did a great job on this guide, and it is so short, has introductory and advanced information so everyone will learn something, and I would recommend others check it out. Here is the direct link to the optin page.

If this encourages you to join Linkedin, or become more active, please connect with me, here is my link. Your profile is very important and I can take a look and help you make changes if you need some help.

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  1. Mary,
    Thanks so much for the kind words about our Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn! Now more than a year old, I’m sorry we didn’t see this excellent review post sooner! LinkedIn is certainly a very powerful tool for any company; it’s cool to encounter others who recognize its usefulness. We’ve updated our LinkedIn guide since we first published the content, so be sure to check back for more!


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