5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Timeline Cover

5 ways to improve your facebook timeline coverOne of the most important things that you can do to improve your social media presence is to enhance and improve your Facebook timeline cover.

In part due to its size, which is 851 pixels by 315 pixels, the Facebook timeline cover is one of the biggest and most vital chunks of social media real estate out there.

Essentially, a huge block of space that big on that important of a site deserves a lot of attention and planning.

Whenever someone new visits your company or brand’s Facebook timeline page the first, and possibly only thing that they are going to notice is your cover photo.

You need to make sure that it is eye-catching and interesting enough that they are drawn into the page to read some of the content.

According to GroSocial, having a well-designed Facebook cover photo can be the difference between appearing competent and incompetent on Facebook.

All companies that have their social media act together will have a solid cover photo that is well-designed and professional looking. Thus, if you do not have that going for you, the instant perception is going to be that your company is not capable of handling social media, which calls your ability to provide good customer service into question.

  1. Pick a Great Photo – Don’t settle for anything less than a spectacular image for your Facebook timeline cover, as it is going to be responsible for drawing people’s attention in and getting them to spend some time on your Facebook page.
  2. Implement Your Branding – Make the design your own and make sure that it sends the message you are trying to send. Include some text if you would like in order to reinforce your motto or slogan. You can’t use product descriptions, but you can use information about your company overall.When people look at your Facebook cover photo, they should instantly have a sense of who you are, what you do and what separates you from the competition. Just don’t over do it with the text. Facebook advises you to keep it to about 20 percent of the photo at the very most.
  3. Test Different Ideas – It’s a good idea to test a few different cover photos and see how they look. You might even want to run a full blown test to see what kind of stats your Facebook page gets with one cover photo versus another. You might be amazed what a difference it can make and how much improvement you will see in the success of your marketing based upon using different Facebook timeline cover photos.
  4. Link it To Something – You can link your cover photo to another page on Facebook, so make sure that you take advantage of this so that you don’t lose out on the opportunity to provide people with more information when they decide to click on the cover photo. It’s a good idea to link it to a tab on your Facebook page that includes information about your company, as well as some contact information.
  5. Be Creative – Try to come up with ideas that are a little bit outside the box, as they are going to give you a chance to really grab people’s attention and get them talking. That’s what you want to do with your brand, so consider some advanced graphic design to incorporate your profile picture into the cover photo or to really put the “wow,” factor over the top when people first see the picture.

I am John, a social media writer and contributor. I work at 123Covers.net – FB Covers, looking after their social media campaigns.

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