3,000 More Twitter Followers with SocialBro

Magnifying Glass -  Tweeting BirdOver the past couple of months I have been using a tool to help me reach more followers on Twitter.

As you know, one way to get more followers is to follow relevant people who are active on the site. But if you do this manually you can literally spend all day to follow some new people.

Twitter allows you to follow 1000 new people a day, that would take forever. At best I could only do a few hundred, and even when you do it this way, it’s hard to know if they are active without looking at each account.

And, how do you best select the people to follow? What I used to do was follow competitors’ followers in hopes they would follow back. It did work, I got about 15% to follow back.

Now, with SocialBro, I get about 30% to follow back.

Inside SocialBro you can use filters to find active accounts that are aged and have certain keywords in their profile. That is what I do, and I wanted to share the video of what I do as well, to make it easy.

Here is how I do it, for people who don’t want to watch the video:

  • Search “All of Twitter” for a keyword, ex: marketing
  • Use the filter for accounts that have tweeted in the past 15 days
  • Use filter for accounts that tweet more than once a day
  • Use filter for more than 2 months old
  • Use Ctrl- to show up to 100 users on the screen
  • Select all of the accounts with drag tool
  • Click to follow all
  • Follow 1000 users (it will tell you when you’ve reached your limit)


To unfollow, I wait 2-3 days:

  • Click on Followers not Following Back on Dashboard
  • Highlight followers and add to blacklist (so you don’t refollow them)
  • Highlight (select) followers and unfollow

Questions? Comment below and I will do my best to answer!

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