Immediate Social Media Marketing Results- What to Expect

Once you’ve signed on with a social media strategist or agency, they should start immediate working your accounts.

Social Media Marketing Results You Can Expect

To give you an idea of what to expect, here are some things you should see immediately for social media marketing results across your accounts:

  1. Changes to your profile bios and about sections
  2. New URL links for many of your accounts- to make them easier for people to type, and share
  3. Increase in updates, tweets, posts, pins
  4. Increased engagement and reach
  5. Retweets, favorites, likes, and comments (if you have an audience)
  6. Activity towards building your fanbase (if you’ve signed for a growth plan)
  7. Sharing more relevant content to your fans
  8. Emails about responses you are getting on each platform
  9. Updated pictures, photos, covers and pins
  10. Website integration set up, fixing and changes

Additionally here are some things you should not expect immediately:

  • More fans, followers and connections
  • Traffic to your website
  • Newsletter sign ups
  • Leads and sales

Return on Investment in Social Media- The No Growth Service Plan Caveat

Return on investment from social media takes time, and depends on the services you pay for. For instance, several social media agencies offer a set number of updates per month, which actually promise no results.

Why? Because if you do not have a growth plan as part of your service contract, you may not see any return at all, especially if you have no fanbase to begin with.

If you are confused about the service contract you are looking at, we are more than happy to have a second look for you. Please contact us, email, or hit us up on any social media platform.

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