You Call Yourself What?! Naming Your Fanpage or Twitter Profile

social-media-logos copyAre you looking for branding or exposure?

This is the question you should consider when you set up your social media profiles, because the name you pick is going to help one way or another.


For most businesses I help, I try to convince them to use a profile name that is identifiable for their industry. For instance, if you didn’t know Red Bull was an energy drink and you saw their post shared by a friend on Facebook, all you would see is the name Red Bull. What does that mean?

Other examples, could be Johnsons USA, HP, Halo, etc. These are all branded companies that most of their followers know who they are by name, but if they didn’t know them by name, they wouldn’t know what their brand stands for.

But this might help:

Johnsons Baby USA, HP Computers, Halo Pet Foods

If you are looking for more exposure and you use any of the strategies I’ve discussed such as commenting as your fanpage on other fanpages, you should be using industry keywords in your name, so that people know what you stand for.

Instead of John’s Media, why not John’s Media Marketing Group?

Instead of Yummy’s, why not Yummy’s Cupcakes?

The idea with exposure is to give people some information about who you are with your name, it’s a simple trick that can make a big difference.


When you want to go for branding of your account, you want people to know who you are just by seeing your name. In social media, you can start by using your branded name followed by industry keywords just so people get to know who you are.

When you feel you’ve hit your goal for branding and people are noticing who you are, you can remove the keywords.

Do you see the difference? Does your fanpage or Twitter profile help you with exposure, or just with branding? Why not change it up a bit to get both?

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