Stop Giving Your Social Media Competitors Your Business

Old Media Social MediaIt’s no secret that social media is helping small businesses all over the world, but is it helping you? Or are you one of the small businesses that are still holding out?

Are you:

  • Waiting for the perfect time to get started?
  • Still trying to figure out what exactly it is, you need to do?
  • Waiting for the money or permission to put a plan into action?

If these questions describe you, you are in the right place. Welcome to the day you’ve been waiting for.

Stop Giving Your Social Competitors Your Business!!

No more waiting and putting things off, no more hemming and hawing about what to do next, it’s time to jump in, no more excuses, no more waiting. Today is the day!

Before you start coming up with reasons why you will or have to wait, read these compelling reasons to JUST GET STARTED!

Your Competitors Are Stealing Your Opportunities

Each day you let slip by without being active you are missing out on all of this:

You Aren’t Answering Customer Inquiries– Yes, ready, willing, and able to pay customers are asking questions about the items you can sell them right now, but you aren’t there to help them.

That’s like having customers knocking on your brick and mortar store, and being too lazy to walk to the door to let them in!!

You Aren’t Sharing Promotions & Sales– The internet is a sea of offers, promotions, discounts, and sales.

Your customers love you, and want to be loyal to you, but when you aren’t there to embrace their loyalty, they’ll find someone else to take their money. After all, they want to make a purchase.

You Are Missing Out on Vendor Specials– Your vendors and other business partners are on social right now building relationships with your competitors and giving them incentives to hit certain sales numbers, sell so much stock, and giving out rewards and discounts for merely taking the time to chat with them.

Couldn’t you use these incentives to get even more business?

Clients Are Hiring Someone Else Who Offers Your Service– Are you a plumber? Chances are, someone in your area needs you, or knows someone who does, but you aren’t seeing their posts.

You want them to come looking for you, but you only exist in a sea of ads in the Yellow Pages. Instead, search for them, and get a much better chance at getting their business.

You Are Giving Away Website Visitors– More website visitors means more sales, more calls, more money, right? Social media is one of the fastest growing places of website visitors today.

This website alone gets 80% of its traffic (website visitors) from Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Pinterest and Linkedin. How many of these are you getting visitors from?

And guess what, your competitor is getting all of this, everyday, adding up to thousands of dollars a month, that you aren’t getting. In leads, word of mouth advertising, repeat sales and more.

Waiting for that Perfect Social Media Plan? It’s Never Going to Happen!!

You want to know exactly what to say, when to say it, and what your followers are going to do in response, but it isn’t going to happen. It Can’t Happen.

Social media changes everyday, and the only way to stay on top of it all is by being active, and consistently trying, something waiting on the sidelines isn’t going to get you.

Don’t Know How to Get Started?!

Hire someone- Don’t know who? Start with someone you trust, someone who gives you information, can answer your questions, and provides honest feedback.

They should start by telling you there is a lot of work to do, you are behind and need to invest time or money to get where you NEED to be. And more importantly, that Everyday you put it off, you are flushing money down the toilet.

Need more help?

Not sure what services to pay for?

Providing content and focusing on growth are your two biggest areas of services to purchase. You want someone that can provide organic growth and engagement while sending visitors to your website. You aren’t going to find that for $10 an hour, but you can learn more about services and prices here.

The next step- Take Action

Contact an expert, find out what you need to do right now, and give your social media competitors notice, because you are done waiting, and you are ready to catch up.

Social media is fun, your customers and your employees will enjoy it, and you’ll enjoy the benefits, too, once you get on board. Like I said, no more waiting, just get started

Tell Us- What Keeps You From Jumping In!

As your competitors are making money off you being MIA, what is still keeping you from getting started? Tell us below, in the comments and we’ll help you figure out a way to get around your roadblock.

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