Find Local Clients with Social Media on Facebook

With millions of accounts on social media platforms of every kind, it’s a lot easier to find local clients than one might think. Depending on what platform you use, there are different tools and strategies to use so, let’s narrow it down by site, starting with Facebook.

Social Media On Facebook

Let’s assume you want to find pregnant women in your area, and you want them to like your page on Facebook. Here’s what I would do.

  • Like and bookmark fanpages that pregnant women would like, use your fan page to like them. (See Using Facebook as…)
  • Related pages: local baby stores, local cloth diaper, breastfeeding, natural birth pages, OB/GYN pages, mommy groups (MOPS)
  • Everyday respond to, like, and share posts you see from these pages (in your fanpage newsfeed), it’s most important to comment as soon as possible on a post so that more of their followers see you.
  • Visit 2-5 of these pages everyday, answer and connect with the moms who are posting there. No spam please.
  • Make sure the title of your fanpage is related to your market, and that related keywords are at the beginning of the title, because people will only see part of your fanpage name a lot of times. Ex: Smiles Abound (what is that about?) vs. Natural Baby Shop LA)- People are more likely to visit if they feel it is related to their interests.
  • Join local groups – under your personal profile, and participate. When you have a new post, special, or item to share with the group from your business, as long as you are a participating member, most groups won’t mind and will even support you.
  • Think like a pregnant woman- what are you looking for on Facebook, what items do you need, who do you want to talk to? Then be where they are looking.
  • Connect with owners of the pages you are participating in (from above) and see if there is an opportunity to get them to post about your business.
  • Hold an event- invite page owners to invite their followers, post about it on their page (if they allow such posts) and post about it in the groups you are part of.

There are many places you can participate on Facebook, in garage sale groups, in all sorts of local groups, search them out, join them, participate, and then ask to promote.

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