Repeat Fan Page Visits & Engagement with Interesting Facebook Updates

I have a client that has trouble keeping their fans engaged. They post Facebook updates often but fans just don’t respond. They are seeing a very low response rate, and their reach is suffering quite a bit.

I have the feeling a lot of people are dealing with this, so when I came across the following post I wanted to share it with others. It’s a post by All Facebook, who is one of my favorite social media blogs.

Contrary to my client who is having a hard time engaging their fans, I have a very active, yet small fanpage that gets upwards of 50% engagement with every update. But what do I post? How do I get them to interact?

Fill in the blanks Facebook Updates
This happens to be one of the easiest updates to get responses from. It takes very little work from the reader, as most of the thought is already put together for them. They just fill in the blank! By responding to each of these fans you are engaging with them on a personal level, which almost guarantees their interaction in further posts.

Ask Questions!
For the elusive dog example (everyone uses dog training) I would suggest the following:

  • My dog goes crazy for her morning walk, what’s your pup’s favorite pasttime?
  • Does age affect training, when did you start training your dog?
  • How many months did toilet training take your dog?
  • What is your dogs favorite treat?
  • What one item helped you train your dog?

Short & Simple
People like short and simple, and along those same lines, a recent study showed that updates with the fewest characters were among those most engaged with. This is where fill in the blank comes back. Here are some more examples:

  • My dog’s name is my best friend.
  • I learn tons from the dog whisperer.
  • I will never understand my dog’s love for biscuits.

Remember, sometimes your readers want to learn, so share links and interesting blog posts, other times they want to be entertained, but they are always using social media for the relationships.

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