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Let’s take a look at a social media profile and discuss how I would improve it for better results. Today I am looking at bumGenius, a popular cloth diaper brand.

social media profile help

Let’s get started!

Cover: Looks great, photo related to the mom/baby industry.

Profile pic: The brand logo, looks good.

What Could Use Improvement:
Messages turned off: This is a simple and easy way for visitors to let communicate privately with the company, it is easy to use for customer support and it’s much easier for the visitors (fans) too. Leave them on, let people contact you, just as if they were on your website, it can only help using the Facebook platform to increase sales.

About section: There is no hyperlink to the website or store site. Make it easy for fans to visit the websites, tell them to visit the website (call to action), and give the link to the store site as well. Use the fanpage to bring Facebook visitors into the sales funnel, and turn them into customers or repeat customers.

# Talking About This– The average for Facebook Fanpages is 2% but successful cloth diaper pages, are easily up to 4%, even when they have 3 times the fans. This doesn’t show great fan engagement, as fewer people are talking about them. With the amount of fans this could easily be up to 10%, even more, if the page were more active.

Consider this: The more people talking about a company, the more viral traffic comes to the fanpage, and the more visitors that see the fanpage and a links to websites, the more people will visit the website, where they can be converted into sales.

App Branding: This is the perfect opportunity to show the how well a company embraces their Facebook presence, apps can easily be branded with pics of your products. Photos and Likes are fine, but the Events could use a better cover, and the app cover for the “Join my list” is off putting, not encouraging visitors to sign up.

With no call to action there (in the app cover itself) and leaving the generic list photo, it doesn’t show a serious interest in building the email list (the single easiest way to increase revenue online). I would advise using the video app instead of the Events app in the spaces allowed, because it is a popular media format in cloth diapering.

Moving On Down the Page:

Under Recent Posts, it is good to see they are allowing people to post on their page, unfortunately, after looking at the questions being posted, it seems they are not responding to many of the posts. This reminds me of a statistic: 80% of people who post on a page, and receive an answer will to make a purchase with the company.

When a person posts on a wall, they are trying to make a connection with the company, by not responding, the company is ignoring the opportunity to turn that visitor into a positive word of mouth experience, and possibly missing a sale now, and in the future, based on their lifetime customer value.

Engagement on updates– Fan engagement here is good, but Talking About is still down, and I believe that has to do with the following item.

Consistent/Regular Posting– Interestingly enough, there are no daily updates, where more successful pages update several times a day, posting is intermittent. I realize they have other fan pages, and that could be the issue, not wanting the pages to compete, but for many of the diaper types, different people will like them, so it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Not only are there not enough posts, the variety of posts is lacking. Most of them end with a link to bumgenius where they can’t make a purchase. To get the best return on social media time, it is usually best to provide value, knowledge, entertainment, etc, and then, occasionally post a promotional update. Take the link out of each post.

There are no photos shared, but with the product this could easily be done and, there are no shared posts from other related fanpages. In the cloth diapering industry there are several smaller fan pages that are dedicated to stores, types of diapers, eco mom and baby fans, daily there are interesting posts including pics, statistics, related items, news and industry news, etc.

Likes: Part of the reason there aren’t any shares could be related to the fan page only liking 6 other pages, this would leave very little in their newsfeed to share.

Summary: Based on the social media interest in cloth diapers, the company must have felt that it was important enough to set up fan pages for each of their brands, but there is a lot of room for improvement for turning these fans into customers, and capitalizing on the repeat purchases these fans would make.

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