9 Social Media Dashboards To Manage Multiple Social Media Profiles

A social media dashboard is a program or website that allows you to manage many of your profiles in one place.

For instance, you don’t have to go login to Facebook, Twittter, Linkedin, Feedly, etc. You can make updates, manage notifications, mentions, direct messages, etc.

Social media dashboards make social media managers’ lives easier. That all said, let’s look at 9 social media dashboards, that are on the market now.

Hootsuite is the most widely used social media dashboard (and most functional).

It allows you to manage the most social media profiles, pages, groups, and feeds. It has over 50 additional tools you can use in the dashboard and comes at a great price- less than $10 per month.


Market Me Suite- I like this interface, but they have changed the pricing and allowed social profiles for free accounts a few times.

I believe on my last try you could not monitor your fanpage without paying for an account. It is nice for other features, smart inboxes, monitoring keywords, and indicating leads.


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Sip Social- I had the most advanced account with this and was able to use the direct messaging campaign tool, which I really liked.

They also have an interface that tells you when to update and makes suggestions for what to say, goals on what to do certain days of the week (like follow 10 new people on Twitter).

The interface lets you separate profiles based on a group, so for each client you would have one group and from there you only tweet, update, and share for their accounts.

This takes care of any issues with accidentally promoting a post to the wrong client. Sip also has in dashboard reporting. If you purchase the $99 per month tool, you get access to the social media training library, originally put together by splash media.


Gremln- I wrote about this the other day, prices start at free and goes up for more profiles, users, groups, feeds, etc. I liked Gremln because it is a much brighter interface, and is easier to navigate than Hootsuite.

It gives you advanced searching for monitoring Twitter, and allows you to add Linked Groups. Unfortunately it only works with the Top 3 platforms at this point. They also have goals, reporting, link tracking, translation service and some other features that make the dashboard unique.

I give a full review of this dashboard here.

Gremln Hootsuite Alternative

Sprout Social- This social media tool has a very nice interface and many features. My favorite part of this tool is the gorgeous reporting. They put it altogether for you and all you have to do is have it generate the PDF to send to your client.

Otherwise, they have a monitoring section, a social inbox, a queue system similar to Bufferapp, a browser addon, and rss feed reader.

The only issue I found with this reader is the price is a bit restrictive, especially when the alternative is less than $10 a month. With Sprout Social you get 10 accounts for $39 per month.


Kuhcoon- Kuhcoon can only help you manage Facebook and Twitter right now, but they offer some features that are useful for managers.

The free account is useful to show you how informative the tool can be, but the extended account provides unlimted post history, and hourly statistics.

The more exact your statistics are, the more useful they are to help you make appropriate changes to campaigns. You’ll be able to monitor your accounts, compose messages and schedule out content.

They are working on adding Linkedin to their tool, and I think they have an interesting future for statistics and reporting. The free account will take up to 5 fanpages, profiles, or Twitter accounts.

FireShot Screen Capture #074 - 'Kuhcoon I Social Media Dashboard' - users_kuhcoon_com_users_#dashboard_analytics

Viral Heat- Another dashboard, monitoring, search and reporting tool that includes a unique feature.

The topic profiles let you track people and users on social media accounts, including Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, and Blogs, you can compare and combine your topic profiles, and last but not least, there is an option for sentiment trends.

At $20 a month Viralheat did everything I needed on the main accounts, and had nice PDF reports as well.

Sendible- Although I use Hootsuite and sometimes a few others listed here, Sendible is probably my second favorite.

They give you a lot of functionality when you are trying to monitor blogs, groups, accounts, crm, email marketing, sms marketing, etc in a social inbox. There is monitoring, searching, posting, scheduling, etc.

It doesn’t work with Bufferapp though, so I had to use Feedly still. For those who want an all in one solution, this is very close and starts at $40 for up to 40 services. Keep in mind that every group you add on Linkedin is a service, every account you add is a service, every blog feed is a service, etc.


Media Funnel- If you’d like to see your previous google alerts along side your social media management, Media Funnel is a great option.

They feature Netbase integration which is similar to Google alerts. They also send you emails about alerts, which is a nice addition. In addition to Twitter and Facebook, you can use Tumblr and WordPress from the Media Funnel dashboard.


I like using these alternatives when a client is already using their Twitter account with Hootsuite, instead of making them go through the trouble of starting an organization, etc. I also like access to the different features I can’t always get to work in Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is a great tool, but sometimes it just doesn’t have everything I need as a social media manager, when that happens I use one of the tools above (always the free ones first) to get the results I need.

What About You?
Have you used any of these tools? Which do you like best, least? And, how come?


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