My Favorite Social Media Monitoring Tools

To make the most of my time on social media, I really have to use and explore social media monitoring tools that help me save time, and get results. Today I just wanted to share some of my favorite social media tools for this.

  • BufferApp– One of the fastest ways to share links across multiple platforms. You can add three free platforms, and easily schedule out posts. I don’t use this to do all of my regular posts, because sharing too many links isn’t very useful for social media relationship building, but when I come across an article I want to post via all of my platforms I use BufferApp to post now.


  • MarketMeSuite– Last night I was reading an article where someone was saying they didn’t really like MarketMeSuite. I have to imagine they wrote this before MarketMeSuite launched their current online interface, because it is very nice. I love using their program to monitor twitter, and find local tweets for what I am looking for.


  • Tweetchat– Every week there are twitter parties or chats in most industries, I love these because you just get to jump into the conversation and hang out with people who have some of the same interests, talking about something you enjoy talking about. Just plugin the hashtag for your twitter chat and start responding to tweets. A great example of this is when you are watching a television show, just pop in the hashtag and you are watching tv with loads of other people who love the same series.

I will be writing about some of my other favorite tools soon, but wanted to get out this post tonight, for those who are interested in saving time with social media monitoring tools.

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